Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Meet the Royal Couple in Tasmania



12.10 pm TRHs will arrive at Richmond and will walk along Bridge Street

to the Woodcraft Shop

They will then proceed to Richmond Arms Hotel and will then walk along Edward Street to St Luke’s Anglican Church where they will plant a tree

1.05 pm HerRH will arrive at the Mill House where she will attends Reception with Tasmanian Rural Women

1.20 pm HisRH will arrive at the Leenavale Sheep Stud, Sorell where he will attends a luncheon in conjunction with the Campaign for Wool

2.40 pm HisRH will arrive and board the Aurora Australis (TBC)

3.50 pm TRHs will arrive at Salamanca Place, Hobart where they will walk along Salamanca Place visiting shops to Princess Wharf 1

4.05 pm THRs will attend a Diamond Jubilee Reception.

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