Monday 31 May 2010

Dead Brazilian Prince commemorated

The first anniversary of the death of Brazilian heir presumptive His Imperial and Royal Highness Dom Pedro Luiz de Orleans e Bragança, Prince of Brazil, is to be commemorated in his country. The 26-year-old Prince, eldest nephew and heir of the present Head of the Brazilian Imperial Family, was a direct descendant of Brazil's Emperor Pedro II, who at the time of his reign was referred to as “the philosopher on the throne” was among the 228 people killed when Air France flight 447 went down en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on 31st May 2009. (See the news of June 2009 and the family's communiqué).

Dom Pedro Luiz had been returning to Luxembourg, where he worked in a financial institution, after visiting family. Brazil's Estado de S. Paulo newspaper claimed he had moved to Europe to find a royal bride to further his ambition to restore the monarchy in the South American country. Dom Pedro Luiz was a passionate supporter of his right to rule. As a child, he attended pro-monarchy rallies with his father, Prince Antonio de Orleans e Braganca, and later helped found the Youth for Monarchy organisation and the Imperial Crusade movement. (See Instituto Dona Isabel I).

Yesterday Dom Pedro Luiz’ sister, H.I. & R.H. Princesse Amélia de Orleans e Bragança attended a Catholic mass at the Palace of Beloeil in commemoration of her late brother.

On 1st June Dom Pedro Luiz will be remembered in another Catholic mass in the Church Abacial de Nossa Senhora do Montserrat of the São Bento do Rio de Janeiro monastery. The mass will be celebrated by Dom José Palmeiro Mendes, Alessandro de Bourbon-Deux-Siciles and Jorge Luiz Pereira Neves da Silva.

Sunday 30 May 2010

No Royal SBS

Recent experiences with Australia’s unique Special Broadcasting System – SBS – could raise doubts about their duty to serve ethnic communities in this country. Although SBS provides an extraordinary access to news programmes from all over the world and has services in 64 languages, the service has changed in recent years. Not only has SBS introduced numerous commercial advertisements which interrupt programmes, no, it has an obsession with sports and is obviously increasingly chasing ratings to attract sponsors.

And as the RadicalRoyalist has pointed out previously, there seems to be a bias against royal(ist) news items.

The latest incident that fuels this impression is the forthcoming royal wedding in Sweden. On 19th June Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel Westling will get married in the ancient Storkyrkan or Great Church in Stockholm. On day two, the Swedish Parliament and Government will host the revelry and on day three, the actual ceremony will take place. In conjunction with the wedding, Mr. Westling will be invested with the title Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. The wedding will be held on Saturday, June 19, the same date that Sweden’s reigning King, Carl XVI Gustaf, married Queen Silvia in 1976.

SBS has in the past shown such events either whole or in part, such as the wedding of Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and of course Princess Mary of Denmark in May 2004.

Whilst one realises that the Swedish community in Australia is small, this event will be a most significant and joyful occasion for all Swedes and their friends around the world.

Everyone who contacts SBS to find out, how the TV station will satisfy this big European event receives this meagre reply:
There is likely to be highlights in the World News but we do not have any plans to show full coverage of it.
PR (from:
One can only suspect, that besides an anti-royalist approach the big money generating event in South Africa (aka Football World Cup) occupies all available free spots on SBS’s programme schedule.

What about those millions of people who do not care for football or any other ball game?

These happy royal occasions are rare and also spectacular but the RadicalRoyalist and his Swedish friends will now probably end up watching it streamed live on Swedish TV or one of the four German networks taking coverage or one of the other French, Belgian or other networks.

The wonders of the internet is that in some ways are making terrestrial TV less relevant especially given the extremely limited range of Australian television.

Saturday 29 May 2010

The Victorian Labor Party plays games with the Australian Monarchy

You know a party is in trouble, when it attacks the country's institutions. Victoria will go to the polls in November this year and Premier John Brumby will try to get a mandate. He did not win office, but inherited the Premier's chair from Steve Bracks, who to everybody’s surprise at 52 retired as Premier of Victoria on 27 July 2007.

Labor's new 176-page draft policy platform contains threats like pushing for Australia to become a republic or trying to rewrite Victoria's constitution. Victoria's constitution, written in 1855 and repeatedly amended since, is now unnecessarily complicated Labor says, and it will seek cross-party support to rewrite the constitution to make it "a readable and accessible document for all Victorians". Well, tell that the US citizens, whose constitution was written in 1787!

Today’s Age published some other key elements of the Victorian ALP’s manifesto:
■ Funding new hospitals and health services to cope with an ageing population (about 1000 Victorians a week turn 65).
■ Boosting early childhood services and building more kindergartens to cater for the population boom (about 200 babies are born every day).
■ "Greening" Victoria through policies designed to tackle climate change and move the state away from its overwhelming reliance on ''dirty'' energies, such as brown coal.
■ Confronting Victoria's booze culture by launching new education campaigns on the dangers of binge drinking.
Would anybody guess that the same party that puts these points into its election platform has been in power for nearly eleven years and is responsible for all the failures it is promising to fix?

What about this hypocritical slogan of “greening Victoria and tackling climate change”? In 2008, brown coal fueled 96 percent of the electricity generated in Victoria, making it a huge contributor to our total greenhouse gas emissions. Over the last 10 years, Victoria’s reliance on coal has increased. Hazelwood power station produces 19 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution every year. This is the same amount produced by all of Melbourne’s 1.4 million households. It was due to be decommissioned in 2009 until the state Labor government extended its licence to pollute until 2031. Why would anybody believe that the ALP, so highly dependent on donations from both the unions and the coal industry, could tackle the climate change issue?

And how would a re-elected Labor government be able to “fund new hospitals and health services” after John Brumby agreed to hand over responsibility (and 30 percent of the state’s GST) to Canberra? Put up more speeding cameras to generate income? Or allow even more gambling machines? Mr Packer will certainly put up new casinos should Labor give him more licences (after he donated something to the party's war fund, of course).How will Mr Brumby finance programmes to rehabilitate pocker machine addicts?

Where does this obsession with “binge drinking” come from? “Launching new education campaigns”. Why do schools fail to explain the dangers of legal and illegal drugs? Instead of new “education campaigns” schools should be able to fulfil this task, they can do this at lower costs and in a more comfortable environment for the pupils.

And of course Labor does not go to the heart of the problem. If there are issues in Melbourne’s city centre, then it is to a great part due to the fact that there is no public transport at night worth that term. Come midnight and everybody who is in the centre, will not find a train or tram to return home safely. “Livable Melbourne” is not a 24-hour-city, but a six a.m. to ten p.m. city.

Will we see an ALP policy for the miserable public transport situation in Melbourne? The ever expanding city boundaries make Labor proud, but that these “working families” are left out in the boon docks without a proper train or even a decent bus service. For more than 40 years Melbourne has not seen any expansion of its rail network. When a new 500 metre tram line was inaugurated two years ago, the whole media staff of the minister was over excited and lobbied the servile TV stations dutifully reported on this great achievement of the state government.

And this is how the metropolitan rail network looks like:Should anybody believe, a returned Labor government would be willing and able to start the necessary major work?

Republicanism a vote puller?
But instead of dealing with the necessary basic duties of the state’s administration, Labor gives the impression of living in an ivory tower and preferring to attack our Constitutional Monarchy, the only institution neither Labor nor John Brumby have full control of. The platform says Labor will conduct plebiscites to demonstrate support for an Australian head of state, and will then "initiate an appropriate referendum" on a republic. What a rubbish! Does the ALP intend to hold plebiscites in Victoria? Every voter can see through this cheap stunt.

The Victorian ALP has been renowned for its dirty tricks in election campaign, but the attack on our Monarchy puts the crown on all the previous experiences.
Nothing of this policy platform is promising an honourable policy after the November elections. This government has passed its use-by-date.Victoria was the fist colony to show Queen Victoria on its stamps, the "half lengths" (1850-56) showing the Queen with her sceptre and orb in a half-length portrait.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Moral Outrage - there and here

The British weekly “The New Statesman” is not known for its love of the Monarchy. Publishing an article In defence of Sarah Ferguson therefore comes as a surprise and as a double edged sword:

“So, the tabloid press run by the passionate anti-Monarchist Rupert Murdoch has returned to doing what it does best today, other than attacking Labour leaders, and exposed a pre-planned sting operation on a leading Royal, Sarah Ferguson, who apparently offered access to her husband Prince Andrew in exchange for cash.

"Friends of ‘Andrew’ are lining up to condemn her in a rather ugly fashion, with Digby Jones today branding her 'delusional'. And once more this rather insecure woman is under fire. Certainly, it doesn't look good. She will, it appears, to anything to dent her vast overdraft, and is clearly not uninterested in making money (the picture in the News of the World of her with ‘eyes lit up’ at a pile of cash is, indeed, troubling, though this does seem to be a case, given the unethical practices that made this story work, of ‘He who is without sin cast the first stone’). “

Prince Andrew's role
Prince Andrew, of course, works as an unpaid special representative for a British government trade and investment agency. As The Independent wrote:
“And when it comes to opening doors for UK business, it doesn't hurt that his mother is the Queen. When he is abroad, meeting ministers and officials, he drops that fact into conversations and his audience laps it up.

"He says that countries such as China, which used to be ruled by a royal family, respond to this particularly well. 'They haven't lost their historical perspective on how things are done, I suspect. They have an understanding.'

"Clearly, though, being the son of the Queen gets him access to foreign ministers and officials, particularly in countries in the Middle East and Asia where the Royal Family has a high standing. He can cajole, coax and charm. In October, Lord Levene, chairman of Lloyd's of London, wrote personally to the Duke to thank him for helping the reinsurance market in obtaining a licence to operate in China. The Duke had met the vice-mayor of Shanghai and raised the issue.

"The Doncaster-based furniture maker BLP also credits him with having helped in the lifting of unexpected tax duties on the new £35m factory it had built in China. Without his assistance, the firm could have gone bust.

"His efforts don't always work. But when they do, the Duke is anxious not to claim any credit for himself: 'I'm not the person delivering; a company delivers.' Taking the plaudits, where due, might spare him some flak - but then he doesn't seem too bothered what some people think."

Meanwhile in Victoria
To return to the moral outrage that the worldwide broadcasting of the videos taken secretly of the Duchess of York, it is not a bad idea to return to Australia, because here one letter to the editor of The Age put the perspectives right:
YOU can imagine John Brumby's eyes lighting up when he hears the going rate that Fergie charges for meeting someone influential.

After all, for a fee of $5,000 companies can buy exclusive, one-on-one sessions with Victoria’s Premier John Brumby and or some ministers. The Australian Labor Party’s fund-raising branch Progressive Business is organising these get-togethers for which Murdoch’s News of the World offered the Duchess money. While everybody pretends to be appalled by this act of encashment, hardly anyone in Victoria seems to be upset that access to the premier and his cabinet can be bought.

Progressive Business aims for gross receipts of $2,000,000 this year. The Age reported that "a $10,000 gold sponsorship of a table at a last year’s dinner earned coal industry executive Alan Bond a seat next to – and the chance to bend the ear of – Mr. Brumby." Anyone wondering why the dirtiest coal power stations in this country are operating in Victoria and why the environmentalists have no chance to see them shut down?

THAT’S the real scandal and not the fact that a broke former member of the Royal Family fell into a trap. But following up this scandal infers that the media would actually target the real culprits and not aim at the soft spot. It is not easy to name and shame political corruption, when the money that changes hands also finances newspaper and TV ads.

Of course the Duchess of York was wrong in allegedly accepting money and she did apologised unlike the Australian politicians who still refuse to recognise that they are doing anything wrong in accepting money to grant access. Selling access to the premier and cabinet ministers will go on – and in an election year probably accelerate.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Happy Victoria Day 2010!

Victoria Day is a public holiday observed across Canada on the Monday before May 25th. In 2010, Victoria Day falls on Monday, May 24th.

The Sovereign's birthday has been celebrated in Canada since the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). May 24th, Queen Victoria's birthday, was declared a holiday by the Legislature of the Province of Canada in 1845.

After Confederation, the Queen's birthday was celebrated every year on May 24th unless that date was a Sunday, in which case a proclamation was issued providing for the celebration on May 25th.

An amendment to the Statutes of Canada in 1952 established the celebration of Victoria Day on the Monday preceding May 25th.

From 1953 to 1956, the Queen's birthday was celebrated in Canada on Victoria Day, by proclamation of the Governor General, with Her Majesty's approval. In 1957, Victoria Day was permanently appointed as the Queen's birthday in Canada. In the United Kingdom, the Queen's birthday is celebrated in June.

Victoria Day is always on a Monday, and thus the holiday is part of a long weekend, which is commonly referred to as the Victoria Day Weekend, the May Long Weekend, the May Long, or the May Two-Four (a case of beer there is called a "two-four" and many of these are consumed over the holiday). The weekend is also called the May 24th weekend, although it does not necessarily fall on May 24th.

The Victoria Day Weekend always falls on the weekend before Memorial Day in the U.S.

The Victoria Day Weekend is the first popular weekend for spring / summer travel. Lots of people open up their cottages, plant gardens, or just get away. Expect crowds at resorts and hotels and busy highways. Fireworks displays are common, especially on Monday night.

Found on Flickr: Singing on the Steps of Parliment during the Queen Victoria Day Celebration.

When is Victoria Day?
2010: Monday, May 24th, 2010
2011: Monday, May 23rd, 2011
2012: Monday, May 21st, 2012
2013: Monday, May 20th, 2013
2014: Monday, May 19th, 2014
2015: Monday, May 18th, 2015

From the State of Victoria to our fellow Commonwealth Monarchists across the ocean: Happy Victoria Day!

Thoughts on Victoria Day


Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today on the occasion of Victoria Day:

"Today, I join Canadians across the country in the official celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada. On behalf of all citizens I extend our warmest wishes to Her Majesty on this special day.

“Victoria Day is also a time to reflect on the close historical ties Canada enjoys with the United Kingdom and the important role our British heritage has played in shaping our country, including our parliamentary system.

“Our government firmly believes that a shared understanding of Canadian history unites us as citizens. To this end, we have established a Diamond Jubilee committee that will help prepare for national celebrations in 2012 of the historic 60th anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty to the throne as Queen of Canada.

“The tremendous affection that our country and Her Majesty share for one another will be on display when the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh tour Canada this summer.

"Her Majesty and His Royal Highness will participate in a wide range of exciting activities across five cities and three provinces.

“Again, I join with all Canadians in wishing Her Majesty health and happiness on this Victoria Day and look forward to the royal tour this summer.”

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean,
Governor General of Canada, on the occasion of Victoria Day

OTTAWA - On behalf of all Canadians, it gives me great pleasure to offer Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II my best wishes for health and happiness on the occasion of the Canadian celebration of her official birthday, May 24.

This date, chosen in honour of Queen Victoria, born May 24, 1819, perpetuates a tradition that is very dear to us.

Canadians hold Her Majesty in the highest esteem and are eagerly anticipating the visit she is making here this summer with the Duke of Edinburgh.

This will be an opportunity for the entire country to come together to celebrate our history and our close ties with the monarchy.

Canada is proud not only of its relationship with the monarchy but also of its role as an active participant in the Commonwealth of Nations headed by Her Majesty.

So many countries have followed her wonderful example of compassion and generosity.

Her kind words and steadfast leadership inspire nations around the world to continue to pursue and maintain peace, goodwill and international co-operation.

The respect and admiration we feel for Her Majesty this May 24 illustrate the genuine affection and great loyalty our sovereign inspires.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

"Rob Hulls’ obsession with tokenism"

While the media went quiet and even the Monarchist organisations in Victoria had not raised their voices recently in attacking the state’s Attorney-General Rob Hulls’ decision that criminal prosecutions should be brought in the name of the Director of Public Prosecutions rather than The Queen, the RadicalRoyalist attacked Mr. Hulls' decision that was taken without proper warning and without any public discussion here and here.

I am glad that Mr. Hulls’ natural opponent, Shadow Attorney-General Robert Clark, demonstrated his opposition to Mr. Hulls’ coup. This is what he replied:

I responded to the Attorney-General’s announcement during an interview on radio station 3AW, in which I said that I was concerned with Rob Hulls’ obsession with tokenism and that rather than waste his time on issues like this he ought to be concentrating on ensuring tougher and more effective sentences and reducing Victoria’s huge court waiting lists.

My investigations into the issue concluded that what the Attorney-General has announced is beyond his powers and usurping the role of judges. It is also in direct conflict with the rules made by judges about criminal court matters, which still provide for the use of The Queen’s name.

Thank you for your interest in this important issue. I am always pleased to hear from community members about matters of importance to the justice system in Victoria.

In case you want to contact the Shadow Attorney-General Robert Clark, send him an e-mail: or visit his website

Sunday 16 May 2010

King Constantine's statement on the Greek crisis

His Majesty King Constantine II of the Hellenes has published the following statement on his website:

'I am aware of the collective feeling of sorrow and grief; that which transcends blame. When anger erupts, when hope is hard to perceive, this feeling is expressed through reaction and violence.

However, now is not the time for Greece and her people to succumb to rage, valid as it may be. Now, is the time to stand up for our faith in Democracy. It is time to remember that we have prevailed in hardship, drawing on the unfailing force that we amass in unity.

For Greece to achieve the first, painful steps out of recession, the nation needs to overcome the political and social crisis by separating it from the economic crisis. As with any breakthrough, this will require both strength and patience.

Democracy offers freedom, expression, ways to address injustice and the vigour to keep Greece standing tall.

Five weeks ago, in Pilio (Greece), I had proposed that ‘we may even have reached the point for a coordinated, peaceful protest to take place, resembling what inspired the people of Northern Ireland a few years ago, when in a unified, silent march they expressed the spirit of a nation against those who wounded their country, the Democracy and its citizens’. That was the stance of a nation against terrorism; this, I believe, should be the outcry to those who threaten Democracy in Greece.

If the people succumb they will become victims, if the people react they will become predators. If, through the wisdom of peace and the power of solidarity they rise above the pain of injustice, the nation will prevail and lighten the path for the next generation, and for the rest of the world.'

Constantine R.

Saturday 15 May 2010

65th Birthday

Reaching the age of 65 usually indicates retirement. Today His Royal Highness, Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza, can celebrate his 65th birthday, but anybody suggesting he should retire would be greeted with his laughter. The Head of the Portuguese Royal Family is far from retiring from his duty to his country and his right to become King of Portugal.

As the RadicalRoyalist has written before recent opinion polls demonstrated that up to 30 percent of the Portuguese people would not mind having a King instead of a president.

On his own website His Royal Highness lays out his rights to succeed to the Portuguese throne:

The Legal Assessment of the Department of Legal Affairs of the Portuguese Foreign Office, dated 17 April 2006, established the rules of succession according to Customary International Law and Portuguese Constitutional Law, namely the Constitutional Chart of 1826, which governed succession until the fall of the Monarchy in 1910.

On the 13th of May 1995, Dom Duarte of Braganza married Dona Isabel Ines de Castro Curvelo de Heredia. The royal couple have three of a family; Dom Afonso of Braganza, Prince of Beira, Dona Maria Francisca, Infanta of Portugal and Dom Dinis, 4th Duke of Porto.

Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness!

This gigantic blue and white flag of the Kingdom of Portugal (6 x 4 metres) was hoisted on Friday, 26th March in the Parque Eduardo VII, right in the centre of Lisbon. The „Carbonara – Movimento Monárquico para as Massas“ (Carbonara – Monarchist Movement for the masses) replaced the present green and red nation flag of Portugal to honour the Portuguese heir to the throne Dom Afonso de Santa Maria de Herédia e Bragança, who celebrated his 14th birthday on that day.

Sunday 2 May 2010

75th Birthday of King Faisal II of Iraq

He would be an old man today. Born on 2nd May 1935 as Crown Prince Faisal, the only son of the King Ghazi of the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq, he did not have a chance to grow old.

His grandfather and first King of Iraq, Faisal, had died in 1933 aged only 48 and his father, who succeeded Faisal I to the throne at the age of 21, died in a car accident on 4th April 1939 at the age of only 27. Crown Prince Faisal (Arabic: الملك فيصل الثاني Al-Malik Fayṣal Ath-thānī) became King at the age of three years and eleven months and was also pretender to the throne of Syria.

Faisal I fought against the Turks with T. E. (Seven Pillars of Wisdom) Lawrence in World War I. On 7th March 1920 he was elected King of Greater Syria by the Syrian National Congress. In April 1920, the San Remo conference gave France the League of Nation's mandate for Syria, which led to the battle of Maysalun on July 24, 1920. Faisal was expelled from Syria by the French and emerged as founder and first King of modern Iraq.

His grandson’s accession to the Iraqi throne took place in 1939, a turbulent year worldwide. Iraq’s oil resources made the country a target for the rival powers.

King Faisal II's uncle, Prince Abdul Ilah (see his profile by The Mad Monarchist) acted as regent until the king came of age. In April 1941, Prince Abdul Ilah escaped a military revolt that apparently aimed to kill him and lead Iraq to join the Axis powers. Prince Abdul Ilah fled to Jordan (ruled by his uncle Emir Abdullah I), while the young King Faisal and Queen Mother Aliyah sought refuge outside Baghdad. However, the promised German aid did not arrive.

By early June, British forces had taken control of Baghdad. Rashid Ali’s two-month rule ended when he fled to Berlin. The four Iraqi colonels behind his coup were captured and hanged. In retaliation, outraged Iraqi mobs stormed the Jewish quarter, presumed to be pro-British, and killed 179 men, women and children, injuring hundreds more.

Saddam Hussein, a child at the time, would later say that Rashid Ali’s rise and fall affected him deeply because the uncle who raised him was an army officer whose career ended when the coup was crushed.

Prince Abdul Ilah re-assumed his regency of Iraq, and King Faisal returned to the palace. Iraq re-newed the British alliance, and joined the United Nations in 1945.

After World War II the young king began his education in Britain, finishing at Harrow in 1952. The next year, on his 18th birthday, he officially ascended the throne as Faisal II. King Faisal II began his reign with good intentions and a seriousness of purpose that his father had lacked. For guidance, he continued to rely on Prince Abdul Ilah and the veteran politician and nationalist, General Nuri al-Sa'id. With oil production now providing large revenues, the government determined to devote 70% of the wealth to development projects.

In early 1958 Egypt and Syria formed the United Arab Republic. The Hashemite monarchies of Jordan and Iraq announced plans to unite as well. However, on July 14, 1958, a division of the Iraqi army under the command of General Abdul Karim Kassem (Qasim) marched on Baghdad and robbed the country of its Monarchy.

More on the massacre of the Iraqi Royal Family that followed the republican coup d'état can be read here: The End of the Hashemite Monarchy of Iraq started 50 Years of Bloodshed: "The world was shocked and horrified, with the news of the coup d’état against King Faisal II of Iraq. The 23 year old King was brutally murdered in a military putsch on 14th July 1958."

Saturday 1 May 2010

A zombie returns

Troublemaker stays in politics

Just three weeks after he had announced his retirement from politics at the next election, arch-republican Malcolm Turnbull decided to stay.

Like any other common populist he argued, he could not resist the masses shouting for him to stay. The Age: "He had reconsidered his decision to leave politics, announced last month, because of a groundswell of support."

"Since then I have been overwhelmed by the many local residents and members of the Liberal Party who have urged me personally and via hundreds of emails and letters to reconsider my decision and run again,
" he claimed.

Obviously he mistook the emails of relief that the public would finally see the back of him as support. Let's hope the electorate of Wenworth will dump him as soon as possible.