Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bye, bye, Mr. Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull’s departure from politics is good news for all Australians. Considering the media coverage he received after announcing he would not seek re-election in the forthcoming renewal of the federal parliament, you could have assumed one of the greatest leaders Australia has ever seen, had passed away. But Malcolm Turnbull has only political failures plastering his path – and personal success by become a multi-millionaire and the richest man in parliament.

The media will miss this fierce republican and The Age wrote in today's political obituary:

Mr Abbott offered another reminder this week that he is not the moderniser that Mr Turnbull could have been. On ABC television, he scoffed at questions about a republic, saying that "a republic is generations away and I don't expect to be in Parliament when I am 100". By contrast, Mr Turnbull identified where Australia's destiny and heart lay more than a decade ago. The 1999 referendum result does not alter his prescience in leading the Australian Republican Movement.

Mr Turnbull might have been the one to oversee the reformation of the Liberals as a 21st-century party. On defining issues such as climate change and a republic he stood firm on principle.

Obviously Tony Abbott’s Monarchist conviction is not acceptable for the newspaper’s journalist who is not willing to praise Tony Abbott for standing “firm on principle” since they despise the Monarchist principles. Only republican principles are good principles?The Age:
Mr Abbott has been central in Mr Turnbull's two major political setbacks. Not only did he knock him out of the leadership but he was a main player in defeating the republic referendum in 1999, for which Mr Turnbull had fought.
Thank you, Tony Abbott for the double knock-out. Let's hope, Malcolm Turnbull gave himself the final blow.
In June 2009 King Juan Carlos of Spain met the then Leader of the opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, who acknowledged His Majesty's role in the Spanish democracy.

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