Tuesday, 29 November 2016

King Abdullah of Jordan pays a state visit to New Zealand

His Majesty inspected the Guard of Honour during the official welcoming ceremony at Government House in Wellington

After King Abdullah II and Queen Rania visited Australia last week together, the Jordanian monarch flew to New Zealand. He was welcomed by The Queen's representative the Governor-General of New Zealand, Dame Patsy Reddy, at Government House in Wellington.

At the State Dinner Banquet hosted by the Governor-General of New Zealand in honour of His Majesty and the accompanying delegation King Abdullah gave the following speech:

Friday, 18 November 2016

Jordanian King and Queen to visit Australia and New Zealand

Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are scheduled to pay a state visit to Australia on 23rd November upon an invitation from the country's Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, according to a Royal Court statement.

In Canberra and Sydney, the Jordanian monarch is going to hold meetings with the Governor-General, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, senior officials and parliamentary leaders.

On 28th November 28 the King is scheduled to conduct an official visit to New Zealand, during which he is going to hold talks with its Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy, Prime Minister John Key and officials and parliamentary leaders.

The talks in Australia and New Zealand seek to boost cooperation between them and The Hashemite Kingdom in economic, investment and trade fields, in addition to discussing regional and international issues, the statement added.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Monarchs in solidarity with New Zealand

The Queen of New Zealand sent the following message to the Governor-General of New Zealand, following the earthquakes in New Zealand:
Prince Philip and I were shocked to hear news of the severe earthquakes that struck on Monday. I send my condolences to the families of those who were killed and to the people whose homes and businesses have been affected.

Our thoughts are with you at this time.

A message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

A message from HRH The Prince of Wales sent to Dame Patsy Reddy following this week's North Canterbury earthquake.

Her Excelleny, The Governor-General of New Zealand The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy tweeted:

"This morning I received a phone call from King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands expressing concern and heartfelt condolences on behalf of himself and Queen Maxima to all New Zealanders who have been affected by the earthquakes centred in the Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs area.

"Their Majesties visited Government House last week for an Official Welcome and a State Dinner, before flying to Christchurch where they toured the areas under reconstruction from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. They also met earthquake survivors and heard about the physical and emotional impact the earthquakes have had on their lives. As a consequence of their recent trip and experiences, His Majesty said they both felt very connected to the suffering of those impacted by the recent quakes and asked that I forward to them their very best wishes and sympathy."

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Australian Constitutional Monarchy is not so bad after all

This letter to the editor was published in The Age as a comment of the US election

The Australian Republican Movement has been strangely quiet during the US presidential election. Maybe it is thinking our system is not so bad after all.
David Carlyon, Sandringham

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Speech by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander in Canberra


Speech by His Majesty the King at a State Lunch on the occasion of the Dutch State Visit to Australia, Canberra, 2nd November 2016

Your Excellency,

Let me begin by thanking you and Lady Cosgrove for the warm welcome you have given us. It means a lot to my wife and me to be back in Australia. For us, personally, Australia holds many fond memories, not least of our extensive visit ten years ago.

Then, as now, we followed in the wake of the Dutch mariners who mapped out Australia's coastline four centuries ago:

Willem Janszoon, who set sail on the Duyfken in 1606.

And Dirk Hartog who sailed on the Eendracht in 1616.

Their explorations are traced on the great world map in the marble floor of Amsterdam's Royal Palace, which was built in the 17th century. The map shows only half of your great country, labelled 'Nova Hollandia'.

Every time I walk across that marble floor, I'm struck by the presumptuousness of giving the continent that name. As if it hadn't been inhabited for thousands of years by a civilisation that deserves respect as the planet's oldest living culture.

The fact is, Australia has always captured the Dutch imagination. For us it remains a land that 'abounds in nature's gifts of beauty rich and rare'. A beacon of freedom and independence. A permanent source of human enterprise and energy. In the Netherlands, just hearing the word 'Australia' brings a smile to our face.

Your Excellency, you have devoted your whole life to the freedom and prosperity of your country. As a soldier and Chief of the Defence Force, as the leader of the reconstruction programme in northern Queensland after the devastating cyclone of 2006, and for several years now as Governor-General. But you are also a symbol of the helping hand that Australia extends to the world. Not least in your role as Commander of the successful international peacekeeping mission in Timor Leste.

Today, at a time when the international legal order is under pressure, it is all the more important that we stand together to defend its principles. Australia and the Netherlands are natural allies as promoters of peace, justice and development, and we often work side by side. Take our partnership a few years ago in Uruzgan in Afghanistan. And our current efforts in the fight against terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

You have also given personal expression to the bond between our countries. You were in Eindhoven on that dark day in July 2014, when the first flights arrived carrying the remains of the victims of the downing of MH17. For my wife and me, commemorating the Australian victims this morning at the memorial was a very moving experience. We greatly appreciate Australia's outstanding cooperation in the investigation of the full facts, so that those responsible can be called to account, and justice can be done.

Australia has flourished over the decades, and it makes the Dutch proud to know that we played a part in its success. In the years after the Second World War, many Dutch families headed to these shores in search of better lives. For many thousands of Dutch people, Victoria Quay in Fremantle and Station Pier in Melbourne were gateways to a new homeland. And they proved that Dutch roots could thrive in Australian soil.

During this state visit, we will be celebrating the close bonds our countries have forged over the centuries. But perhaps even more important are the opportunities we see ahead of us. The Kingdom of the Netherlands attaches great value to our close partnership with Australia because we believe that, as like-minded nations, we stand stronger together. Together we can find better answers to the challenges of our time.

Just as, for us, Australia is a window onto the Asia-Pacific region, we want to be your window onto Europe.

As I said, Eendracht - Concord - was the name of the ship in which Dirk Hartog sailed to Australia in 1616. And today, 400 years later, 'concord' is a fitting flag for us to sail under as we go forward into the future.

Thank you for the warmth and friendship you always show us in Australia.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dutch King and Queen to visit Australia and New Zealand soon

When Willem-Alexander and Máxima visited ten years ago, they where still Crown Prince and Crown Princess. Last time they arrived down under on 23rd October. In 2016 they will touch down in Perth for their official state visit from 31st October to 4th November, and in New Zealand from 7th to 9th November.

Their Majesties will be accompanied on the visit by Foreign Minister Bert Koenders, Minister for Foreign Trade Lilianne Ploumen, and Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp.

Monday, 31st October & Tuesday, 1st November – Perth
The King and Queen will spend the first two days of their visit in Western Australia. Following a welcome ceremony at Government House, the royal couple will go to Fremantle port and the Western Australian Maritime Museum, where they will spend time in the Shipwreck Galleries among others.
On Tuesday, Their Majesties will visit Curtin University, where in the Curtin Hube for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE) they will be shown how data is converted into 3D images for use in research. The day’s programme will end at Ascot Racecourse, where the King and Queen will be able to follow the Melbourne Cup races.

Wednesday, 2nd November – Canberra
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima’s time in Canberra will begin on a sombre note when they lay a wreath at the Australian War Memorial before meeting Australian and Dutch veterans of the Second World War and wars in Afghanistan. The will also visit the MH17 monument and meet Australian officals who provided assistance in response to the MH17 plane crash. After a lunch at Government House, the King and Queen will meet with Australians of Dutch descent at the National Archives.

Wednesday, 2nd November & Thursday, 3rd November – Sydney
From Canberra, the King and Queen will travel to Sydney to attend a concert by Dutch pianists Lucas and Arthur Jussen at the Sydney Opera House.

The next morning the royal pair will attend a meeting of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency on potential Australian investments in the Netherlands, following which the King and Queen will be given a tour of research projects on which Australian and Dutch students are working together at the University of Sydney. After visiting the university, King Willem-Alexander will attend the final session of a meeting between Dutch and Australian CEOs, while Queen Máxima will attend the close of a meeting on smart cities.

Friday, 4th November – Brisbane
On their last day in Australia, the King and Queen will visit Queensland University of Technology to hear about the water management partnership between the Netherlands and Australia. They will then take a boat ride down the Brisbane River to see the measures taken to combat flooding, and will end their visit at the Queensland Art Gallery.

Monday, 7th November – Wellington
After the weekend, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will arrive in the capital city of New Zealand, where they will be greeted by a traditional welcome ceremony at Government House. They will lay a wreath at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park and visit the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, before embarking on a guided tour of the Great War Exhibition that was created by director Peter Jackson, who hails from New Zealand. Their Majesties will also visit Park Road Post Production, where the sound and pictures for films including The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies were edited. The day will end with a banquet at Government House.

Tuesday, 8th November – Christchurch
The King and Queen will begin their day with a visit to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, which runs a breeding programme for the endangered New Zealand kiwi, before traveling to the headquarters of the Ng'i Tahu Iwi, the largest Maori tribe on the South Island. Later, the royal couple will visit the city of Christchurch to view the effects of the earthquake in 2011 and the redevelopment efforts.

Wednesday, 9th November – Auckland
During their final day Down Under, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will visit the Auckland Art Gallery, and attend an economic conference on the future of food. Finally, the King and Queen will visit the training vessel Spirit of New Zealand which teaches skills like communication and leadership while on sailing trips, before departing for the Netherlands.

The main focus of thess state visits will be on expanding the Netherlands’ long-standing bilateral ties with the two countries, and will draw attention to the military and academic partnerships between Australia and the Netherlands. In New Zealand, almost 60 businesses will participate in a trade mission about horticulture, life sciences and health, smart cities and sports, with the view to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Happy Queen's Birthday Holiday

To all loyal Australians: A Happy Queen's Birthday Holiday!

And to all those republicans - especially in the media - who can't help it, but denounce our lady sovereign queen, well, keep on writing and publishing nasty opinion pieces and keep ignoring her 90th birthday totally (Melbourne's daily newspaper The Age manages to print not a single line on the birthday celebrations in the UK, which have been reported all over the world.)

It is sad to say it, but it gives a certain kind of satisfaction to know, that rather sooner than later The Age will no longer be printed on workdays. After 150 years it will stop being sold in newspaper shops, only The Saturday and Sunday Age will continue to be sold. However, our local newspapershop does no longer open on Sundays, which will certainly not help stabilizing the sales figures of The Age.

The Australian Monarchy will survive the printed Fairfax media. That gives an Australian Monarchist some satisfaction.

Her Majesty in the centre: Trooping the Colour to honour her 90th and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's 95th birthday.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Head of the German Imperial Family turns 40

While the Commonwealth countries and everyone who is interested in our royal family celebrate the 95th birthday of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, in Germany Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia can celebrate his 40th birthday.

In March 2015 Prince Georg Wilhelm welcomed the British Ambassador, Sir Simon McDonald, KCMB, on the castle of Hohenzollern, the family's ancient home.

Prince Georg Friedrich is the only son of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia (1944–1977) and Countess Donata of Castell-Rüdenhausen (1950-2015), born a member of a mediatized princely family. In 1991 she married her former sister-in-law's ex-husband, Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg and was then known as Duchess Donata of Oldenburg.

His grandfather, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia dedicated his memoirs to his grandson and heir.

After the death of his father in a severe accident during military maneuvers Prince Georg Friedrich spent much of his youth in the care and under the guidance of his paternal grandfather. He attended grammar schools in Bremen and Oldenburg and completed his education at Glenalmond College near Perth, Scotland, where he passed his A-levels.

Prince Georg Friedrich and his mother, Princess Donata at Glenalmond College near Perth.
He volunteered for a two-year stint in the Alpine troops of the German army, where he was known simply as "Preuße" ("Prussia"). Georg Friedrich took his degree in business economics at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology in Saxony.

Prince Georg Friedrich succeeded his grandfather, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, as Head of the House of Hohenzollern on 25th September 1994.

On 21st January 2011, Prince Georg Friedrich announced his engagement to Princess Sophie Johanna Maria of Isenburg (born 7th March 1978), daughter of Prince (Fürst) Franz-Alexander of Isenburg (from the Catholic branch of Isenburg-Büdingen-Birstein) by his wife, Princess (Fürstin) Christine, neé Countess of Saurma and Baroness von und zu der Jeltsch. The wedding took place at the Church of Peace (Sanssouci) in Potsdam on 27th August 2011.

On 20th January 2013, Prince Georg Friedrich's wife Princess Sophie gave birth to twin sons in Bremen:

HRH Prince Carl Friedrich Franz Alexander of Prussia
HRH Prince Louis Ferdinand Christian Albrecht of Prussia

Prince Carl Friedrich, the elder of the two, is the heir apparent. The boys were baptized in the Chapel of St. Michael at Hohenzollern Castle on 24 June 2013.

Visitors of the castle of Hohenzollern can see the genealogical tree of the Hohenzollern family. At the top end are the latest heads and heirs of the Imperial House: Crown Prince Wilhelm +1951, Prince Louis Ferdinand +1994, Prince Louis Ferdinand Jr. +1977, Prince Georg Friedrich (present head of the family) and Prince Carl Friedrich, the heir who was born in 2013.
Their third child, a daughter, was born on 2nd April 2015.

HRH Princess Emma Marie Charlotte Sophie of Prussia.

Princess Emma was baptized in the Chapel of St. Michael at Hohenzollern Castle on 13th June 2015. Her godparents are Archduchess Katharina of Austria (mother's sister) and Prince Otto of Castell-Rüdenhausen (father's first cousin).

Prince Georg Friedrich is also in the line of succession to the British throne. At present he is holding position 179 according to the William Reitwiesner's list.