Thursday, 29 April 2010

Monarchy-hater Rupert Murdoch knows, what people expect in his papers: Royalty

The RadicalRoyalist had quoted 'The Man Who Owns the News' by Michael Wolff before. Wolff said that the devoutly anti-monarchy Murdoch admitted that "the internal cash flow of News Corporation became highly dependent on The Sun's obsession with Diana". The day Princess Diana died, in 1997, Mr Murdoch met a News Corp executive at a bar and got blind drunk. He was "mourning" the passing of a woman whose life had been a circulation bonanza.

The latest example of Murdoch's awareness that the circulation of his newspapers can be boosted by posting "royalty news" prominently. In its report on the court case of former HeraldSun editor Bruce Guthrie vs. Murdoch's News Ltd. The Age today wrote in its print edition: "There were other clashes over coverage of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark's visit to Australia ..."

On 29th August 2008 the Danish Crown Princess attended a dinner in Melbourne as international patron of Alannah and Madeline Foundation. The managing director of The Herald and Weekly Times in Melbourne, Peter Blunden, a foundation director, complained about the story placed on page 18 of the HeraldSun. Speaking as his master's voice Blunden claimed a better placement in the tabloid paper would increase circulation.

Murdoch's men know: Royalty sells.

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Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

No patience for this "australian Thaksin". Just moneys, spa's and jet-set. What a waiste!