Saturday, 1 May 2010

A zombie returns

Troublemaker stays in politics

Just three weeks after he had announced his retirement from politics at the next election, arch-republican Malcolm Turnbull decided to stay.

Like any other common populist he argued, he could not resist the masses shouting for him to stay. The Age: "He had reconsidered his decision to leave politics, announced last month, because of a groundswell of support."

"Since then I have been overwhelmed by the many local residents and members of the Liberal Party who have urged me personally and via hundreds of emails and letters to reconsider my decision and run again,
" he claimed.

Obviously he mistook the emails of relief that the public would finally see the back of him as support. Let's hope the electorate of Wenworth will dump him as soon as possible.


Npinkpanther said...

Darn, got my hopes up for nothing.

LAW Wells said...

They may very well dump him - I believe that redistribution has made the seat nominally Labor (which was why the Liberals desperately wanted to keep him, due to the benefit of incumbency and his high profile).

As for his value to the parliamentary party, I am dubious. While I can admire a man who sticks to his guns, I despise those who show no temperance, and who can see no alternate view (no matter how legitimate and well-though-out).

I personally wouldn't be surprised if he defects to Labor in the next term. He should have joined that party in the first place. It's where he belongs (not to mention the added allure to one so ambitious for power of actually having it in the present time).