Thursday, 29 April 2010

HM King Constantine on the Greek economy and current events

The following statement was published on His Majesty's website:

During his short visit in the region of Pilio with HM Queen Anne-Marie, HM King Constantine addressed journalists’ questions on current events.

Asked to evaluate the fiscal measures imposed recently by the Greek Government, King Constantine stated that it would better be left to the experts. He emphasized, however, that the people do acknowledge the significant efforts on the part of the Greek Government and that everybody take part in the effort to overcome the crisis. His only wish is that despite all adversities, a feeling of collaboration and hope will be cultivated and that in the near future this great undertaking and the sacrifices made by the Greek people will bear fruit.

His Majesty was then asked about the recent terrorist activities*, to which he replied, that he does not differentiate a common thief, who harasses a family or a shop owner and puts their life in danger from a terrorist who harasses and endangers an entire community. The solution to both cases is a unified front comprised of the People, the police authorities and the Justice system. It is our common responsibility to protect Democracy and to demonstrate that public opinion is against terrorism in any form, he continued. We may even have reached the point for a coordinated, peaceful protest to take place, resembling what inspired the people of Northern Ireland a few years ago, when in a unified, silent march they expressed the spirit of a nation against those who wounded their country, the Democracy and its citizens.

In response to questions on the subject of the Mediterranean Games, which will be held in Volos in 2013, King Constantine replied that although he is not fully informed on the progress of the works, he is certain that Greece will pull through, as with the Olympic Games, even if at the very last minute. The success of the Games will depend on the good presentation of the Greek athletes and the effective presence of the volunteers. Asked whether he is willing to offer his assistance, King Constantine responded that he would of course help, if asked to do so, as he did during the bidding process which led to the 2004 Athens Olympics.

*NOTE: The interviews took place before the latest breakthrough and the arrests of alleged members of the terrorist group ‘the Revolutionary Struggle’.

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