Thursday, 17 December 2009

Creeping republicanism

Without any public discussion Attorney-General and Acting Premier Rob Hulls yesterday announced a major change in Victoria’s legal system. The Age: "From New Year's Day, criminal prosecutions will be brought in the name of the Director of Public Prosecutions, rather than the Queen."

Mr. Hulk, oh pardon, Mr. Hulls: "Substituting the DPP for the Queen or Regina reflects the legal and political independence from the United Kingdom and its monarch that has been achieved by Australia."

From 1st January 2010, law lists will read "DPP vs Bill Smith" instead of "Queen vs Bill Smith".

What a progress! And what kind of legal argument is it to claim, this move would reflect “reflects the legal and political independence from the United Kingdom and its monarch”? Obviously the Attorney-General keeps ignoring the fact that he pushed aside not the Queen of the United Kingdom, but the Queen of Victoria and the Queen of Australia.

Could some one give repetitional lessons to the Attorney-General about OUR constitution, please?

"Referring to the Queen is outdated," Rob Hulls claimed. But Victorians may well have come to to the conclusion that the Brumby government is outdated and has passed its use by date long time ago.

It’s time to get rid of this failed government and its hypocritical methods of running this state.

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RJ TAYLER said...

What a flagrant disregard to the same constituion he took an oath/affirmation to uphold. This will result in a 'legal minefield' whereby THE State becomes too poweful in a court of law and not 'The Crown neutral' like it should be. I just hope this 'lay' Premier gets the chance to experience for himself what he so desperately wants to happen to HM The Queen. Whose primacy and mandate was reaffirmed by popular vote some ten years ago.