Thursday, 3 December 2009

"I support the monarchy, always have, always will"

Today The Sydney Morning Herald conceded defeat by admitting, that the danger of "Australia becoming a republic any time soon have nosedived with Tony Abbott becoming the Leader of the Opposition.

"... In an interview with the Herald yesterday, Mr Abbott made it plain that he would never contemplate a republic, even after the Queen had left the throne.

"'That was Malcolm's position and I have no plans to revisit it, full stop,' he said.

"'I support the monarchy, always have, always will, not because I'm a royal groupie,' he said. 'It's a terrific system of government and I challenge anyone to come up with a better one.'

"In his office yesterday, Mr Abbott had a portrait of Her Majesty."

I may dispute other concepts of Tony Abbott and certainly do not like the idea of going nuclear in Australia, but I must admit that what he said on the Monarchy fills me with joy. The headline of this posting could be my motto: "I support the Monarchy, always have, always will ... It's a terrific system of government."

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