Thursday, 31 December 2009

Let's get the news

While the classic media tend to ignore what some people call “monarchism”, Monarchists set up their own publications. The International Monarchist Conference is putting a great effort into connecting the different national Monarchist organisations. And they make Monarchist publications in pdf-format available for everyone.

At SYLM you’ll find Monarchist magazines and newsletters in French, Italian, Brazilian, German, Serbian, but only a few in English. For instance the two main Australian publications (Defender, published by the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy [ACM] and Liberty published by the Australian Monarchist League [AML]) are not presented on the IMC’s website, probably because they are not available in a pdf-format.

And where is the Greek magazine Royal Voice (Βασιλική φωνή), also published in Australia by the Greek Royalist Association of Australia? Most likely, there are more Monarchist initiatives in Australia which should be made know to others.

British, Canadian, NZ or US Monarchist publications are equally missing, something that must be changed in 2010.

However, should you be able to read a little bit of French, download your copy of “Le Royal Démocrate” and get the latest international Monarchist news. Or start reading the German news-letter “Corona”, published every three weeks.

The most prestigious magazine is certainly “Brasileira”, an excellent and very professional Brazilian magazine of more than 20 pages each issue.

The variety of Italian publications is staggering and reflects the country’s political rifts.

I suggest, you find out for yourself, if there’s anything you’d like to read.

Have a royal 2010.

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