Sunday 27 May 2018

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark celebrates his 50th Birthday

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was born on 26th May 1968. On bis 50th birthday his mother Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II gave the following speech at a gala banquet at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen:

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all here tonight to celebrate Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday.
A warm welcome to all our guests from near and far who have come here to celebrate Crown Prince Frederik on his 50th birthday.
Frederik, I have looked forward to celebrating you on your 50th birthday where you are surrounded by family and friends from near and far, and where the official Denmark and the Danish Realm are represented, which is natural when Denmark’s Crown Prince is to be celebrated.
You are, as they say, in the middle of your life. You have achieved much and you have experienced much, and during these days you have experienced how all of Denmark supports you and takes pleasure in your work. You bring energy and enthusiasm to all that you do and it makes an impact wherever you go.
To be a crown prince is not at all easy for a very young and searching person. But you found your own way, and every time you started a new chapter of your life, you showed the strength within you.
You learnt to grit your teeth and you finished the race. Last Monday you made all of Denmark join in the run. Your Grandmother would have been so proud of you, and how I wish that Papa could have lived to experience your 50th birthday, for he was just as proud of you as I am. He too saw how you developed your talents year by year.
When you found Mary, a new period of life began. Now you were two, then three, then four – indeed, six! A whole family that everybody can take pleasure in, and a family that many are pleased to follow and see themselves reflected in. You and Mary have succeeded in creating a safe and warm family life while both of you together and individually assume tasks that take you to faraway places.
The two of you make Denmark bigger, and you are a credit to Denmark. You make me so happy!
Dear Frederik! Congratulations!
Please raise your glasses and join me in nine cheers for Crown Prince Frederik!

"On our wedding day, you invited me to come and to see what awaited us in love and I have loved every step and every view." - HRH Crown Princess Mary 

HM King Constantine II and HM Queen Anne Marie of the Hellenes were also at the 50th birthday banquet of their nephew, HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.