Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wreckage and bodies of Air France flight 447 found

This week wreckage and bodies of Air France flight 447 were found in the Atlantic Ocean. The Airbus A330-203 was on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, when it crashed into the Atlantic on 1st June 2009 killing all 228 passengers onboard. Debris of Flight 447 was found 3800-4000 metres below the surface by the Alucia search vessel. Investigators may be able to recover flight recorders, or black boxes that store detailed records of the pilots' conversations as well as technical information. According to the French Secretary of State for Transport, Thierry Mariani, the wreckage contains corpses of some of those on board.

The corps of the heir presumptive of the Brazilian throne, His Imperial and Royal Highness Dom Pedro Luiz de Orléans e Bragança, Prince of Brazil, was among the victims. His body had been found in 2009 and he was laid to rest in July 2009 next to his grandfather H.I.& R.H. Prince Pedro Henrique de Orléans e Bragança (13th September 1909 – 5th July 1981) at the cemetery of Vassouras.

In the Cathedral Nossa Senhora do Carmo in Rio de Janeiro the father of the deceased Prince Dom Pedro Luiz, H.I.&R.H. Prince Antonio de Orléans e Bragança and other members of Brazil's Imperial Family paid their last respect to the victims of flight AF447.

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