Saturday, 30 April 2011

The [republican] Age gives in!

Front page of The Saturday Age and the "Souvenir Edition" giving honour to TRH The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge.

The Age's website on 30th April 2011.

Of course their editorials and opinion pieces were as vitriolic and nasty against the Monarchy as ever, but that does not sell. The editor knew exactly, what would attract readers - and buyers of their paper: Pretty pictures and the glamour of a Monarchy that unites peoples across the oceans.
Long live the Queen of Australia!
Long live the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge!


David Votoupal said...

The media in this country are truly appalling in their ability to push this agenda without a fair chance of refuting them.

It was a most splendid wedding. The ceremony and crowds were impeccable.

CA Constantian said...

The American media has been (predictably) guilty of anti-monarchy bias as well, giving the minority UK anti-monarchists too much coverage.

The Huffington Post, for example, seems to have really gone out of its way to find UK republicans and publish articles full of their whining about the wedding. But as you said, it is royalty that sells, not whiny republicans.

David Votoupal said...

Because the best advertisement for monarchy are republics, a lot of the time. The republicans can be so easily refuted it becomes a pleasure to do so, knowing they cannot provide a solid answer back.