Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Prince and A Gentleman

Here's a letter to the editor of The Age in response to yesterdays' attack on Prince Charles:
Prince of a man
IT WAS interesting to read
Michael Shmith's gently ironic comment on Prince Charles's Australia Day remarks to an audience at Australia House in London (MelbourneLife, 31/1). It may be that there is a certain whimsy about the image that the Prince of Wales presents, but anyone who watched (as I did) his masterly delivery of the David Dimbleby lecture in 2009, could not fail to be impressed with his grasp of his subject (climate change) and with the wit and erudition he brought to such a vexed question. In any event, is it not some comfort to have, as our putative head of state, a man of humility and self-deprecating humour? A brief glimpse at the murderous regimes around the world reminds us of our good fortune in having a robust democracy supported and informed by a benign titular head.

David Morgan, Ivanhoe

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Npinkpanther said...

Hear hear! I don't understand republicans' scare campaigns against Prince Charles. They seem to think that if Charles is allowed near the throne he will bring the country to rack and ruin, or something like that. While I will be very sad to see the era of Elizabeth II pass away, I am looking forward to Charles's reign as well.