Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A royal relief for Kristina Keneally

Kristina Keneally must be relieved. Barely a fortnight in office as New South Welsh fourth Premier in as many years, she has good news to announce:

Prince William's visit to NSW next month will be an opportunity to showcase the state in foreign media, Premier Kristina Keneally says.

Keneally on Tuesday confirmed the Prince would officially visit NSW in late-January as part of his first Australian trip as an adult,” reported The Age.
The royal visit of the 27 year-old Prince will not only draw international media attention to a member of the Australian Royal Family, but also distract attention from a dysfunctional government that has had little positive to report.

And what neither Ms. Keneally nor The Age said: The Prince's two days in Sydney and Melbourne will be privately funded by the Queen as it is not classed as an official visit.

It can be expected that a certain amount of money will be spent on security personnel and probably travel arrangements, which fierce republicans may bring up in a desperate attempt to boost their fortunes, however, republicans are very selective in their outburst of rage.

Or did you hear any complaints about Tiger Woods' taxpayer funded $A3.25 million visit Down Under in November 2009? Victorian Premier John Brumby has said the decision to entice the superstar golfer to Melbourne cements the city's position as the "major events capital of the world''. Did the world take notice for more than three days? After Mr. Woods left Australian soil, he attracted fame for other reasons than playing golf in Melbourne.

The Prime Minister's office stated that the visit originated from Prince William's request to visit the country to get to know Australia and its people.

"During his visit, Prince William will focus on his core interests of supporting servicemen and women, helping young people fulfil their potential and sustainable development in the light of climate change," it has said.

"The Prince will also use the visit to learn more about local indigenous issues and visit the bushfire-ravaged countryside in Victoria."

"Prince William will have the opportunity to meet a cross-section of Australians involved in a variety of projects of interest in both Sydney and Melbourne."

There are times, when one cannot help feeling that even republicans are happy to see royals in Australia - even if they actually don't invite them

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