Monday, 23 July 2007

The Age: No Scandal? Let's make one!

Melbourne’s newspaper The Age can't help it. Whenever they report on our Royal Family, the paper must do it in a mean and distasteful way.

On 20th July The Daily Mail reported on the gift Prince Charles had presented to his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall: A rare-breed ram and ewe. The Prince of Wales is patron of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, a very important task in the times of a globalised world market, where more and more local breeds become extinct.

The Age doesn’t provide this background, but instead they ridicule the Prince’s birthday present for his wife and illustrates the article by using a not very favourable photo of Prince Charles.

The Daily Mail’s article was not a very friendly one, but The Age’s editing made the news of the Duchess of Cornwall’s 60th Birthday just another contemptuous jigsaw puzzle in paper’s fight against the Australian Monarchy.

Mean, gentlemen, very mean.

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Brian said...

Shocking of the Media.