Sunday 13 March 2022

The Australian Government launched the Official Platinum Jubilee Emblem

The Australian Government launched the country’s official Platinum Jubilee Emblem on Friday, 11th March 2022. It will be used for official and recognised events to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year-reign as Queen of Australia.

Three colours make up the Australian Platinum Jubilee Emblem – platinum, gold and purple. The platinum colour represents Her Majesty The Queen’s 70 years on the throne, whilst the purple colour is synonymous with royalty. The gold is drawn from Australia’s floral emblem, the golden wattle; and our national colours, green and gold.

The Queen and her Australian brooch

The emblem’s design is a stylised representation of the golden wattle spray brooch worn by Her Majesty on her previous visits to Australia. Australia gifted the brooch to The Queen during her first visit in 1954

The font – Perpetua, meaning ‘forever’ – acknowledges Her Majesty is the first Australian monarch ever to mark 70 years on the throne. It complements the elegance of the emblem.

The emblem may be used with permission by individuals, organisations, and charities for celebrations to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

The emblem is authorised for use at:

# Official events and activities that are coordinated by government, including Commonwealth, state, territory or local government.

# Events that have been recognised by the Australian Government and listed on the Platinum Jubilee website.

# Appropriate event related and community souvenir items for official government and recognised events.

# The emblem will be available for use for official government and recognised events until the end of 2022.

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