Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Photos of Hope
After the liberation of the eastern part of Libya, the people of the Cyreneica display royal symbols.

A young rebel with a portrait of King Idris I of Libya.

Consisting of a white crescent and star on a horizontal red, black and green triband - with the central black band twice the width of the outer bands - the flag was adopted when Libya became independent on 24th December 1951 with King Mohammed Idris as-Senussi as its head of state. Today, the flag is still used by monarchists and the Libyan opposition abroad.

Un insurgé brandisse le drapeau du roi Idris, renversé par Qaddafi en 1969, à Tobrouk, près de la frontière égyptienne.

The French newspaper Le Figaro spoke with Libyan Crown Prince Mohammed es-Senussi L'héritier du trône libyen en exil à Londres: «Je me bats d'abord pour l'histoire, pour faire respecter le nom ma famille. Si dans l'avenir les Libyens choisissent la monarchie, je suis là


Npinkpanther said...

To be honest I'm not very optimistic about Libya. I was before, when it was just Gaddafi "considering" resigning and restoring the monarchy, but now that the people are revolting and especially now that America and the UN have caught on, I've pretty much lost hope for Libya. America and the UN will move in once Gaddafi is out - and we all know that America and the UN do not have a good track record when it comes to instituting new governments in third world, Middle Eastern, African countries. I doubt they'll consider the restoration of the Libyan monarchy as a viable option, preferring just to institute some republican, pseudo-democracy that will fall to pieces within five years...

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Npinkpanther, the US arrived too late. It seems that the english are behind something, fortunately. Obama hesitates, that's a good sign.

TANAKA8120 said...

too bad guys , but games over. I just heard that the rebel's government just proclaimed the creation of a "new democratic libyan republic"; soo typical!

radical royalist said...

Might be a short-lived republic.

Though my sympathies are with the "rebels", I cannot wish their republic success.