Sunday, 29 August 2010

Australian republicanism at 16-year low

That must have cost The Sunday Age some tears: To admit that "more Australians [are] favouring retaining the monarchy" than to make Australia a republic.
Despite some re-emerging political momentum for the republican cause, voters appear increasingly apathetic about the idea of replacing the Queen and governor-general with an Australia head of state, although many are prepared to accept a republic after Queen Elizabeth's reign ends.

An Age/Nielsen poll taken earlier this month shows support for a republic is now running at 44 per cent. This is the lowest level since 1994, and well down from the peak of 57 per cent in 1999, the year the question was tested in a national referendum.

The national poll of 1400 people found almost half (48 per cent) are now against the idea. Such a level of hostility has not been recorded since the late 1970s, when about 61 per cent were against a republic.

Republicans put all their hope in the Queen of Australia's death - as if the people would rush out in a referendum and kick out King Charles. Can you think of anything more "un-Australian" than to deny a newcomer a fair chance to show his talents?

This idea shows that Australian republicanism is an inplausible concept.


Npinkpanther said...

Charles said he might take the title 'King George VII' when he coms to the throne. Personally I think this would be wise as the name 'Charles' doesn't have a very appealing history when it comes to monarchs.

radical royalist said...

Yes, I know of the rumours he might prefer to become King George VII.

I accept the man as king and will also accept his decision on how he will be known.

BelgieRoyalist said...

This is good news but honestly the republicans do not have the record of respecting democracy (ironic non?) so they will keep trying to force their will. Is there no organization in Australia to fight for the monarchie and democratic process? I have read in the past of such patriotic fronts to oppose communism and support the monarchie and the empire. Anyone around today to carry the flame?

radical royalist said...

I agree: Republicans will never accept a result that favours the Monarchy. Ideologues do never avow to any mistake.

There are Monarchist organisations in Australia. The Australian Monarchist League and the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (both are in the links list). There are other groups that fight republicanism. However, some like the RSL (Returned Service League) can no longer be counted as being through and through Monarchist (see this year's decision by the RSL [read: Major-General David McLachlan AO] to remove Australia's Royal Anthem God Save the Queen from Melbourne's ANZAC Day dawn service last April. Find more here: RSL