Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SBS censorship - Part II

Australia’s SBS – Special Broadcasting System – is a unique and very laudable information TV and radio channel, providing news services in 64 languages.

But it seems, the editors have problems with royal news. As was evident last November, when SBS censored a French news programme and cut out a news item on the French pretender to the throne, Prince Jean, today SBS eliminated a report on Prince Charles in Poland. In the Polish News broadcast this morning on SBS the mid-broadcast summary announced Australia's future King meeting people in Poland (one obviously a Polish Muslim leader). However, this report was never shown on SBS.

Since this isn’t the first incident of this kind, one really has to wonder, why SBS thinks, royal news reports are inappropriate for the Australian audience. One case of this kind could be accidental, but twice within four months makes you wonder.
Pictures not to be shown in Australia: Prince Charles visiting a park for endangered animals in Bialowieza/East Poland.


Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

SBS it+s also an Murdoch's feudal resort?

radical royalist said...

SBS is a taxpayer funded public television network.

Here's what SBS replied to my complaint:

Unfortunately, cuts such as these occasionally occur when the satellite service receiving the bulletin cuts out or switches to another incoming service. This can happen to any one of the news programs we receive.

SBS receives most of these broadcasts in the early hours of the morning and they are recorded as they come in. Whatever is on the tape when we check it is basically what goes to air in the morning (and is what we have received by satellite).

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience which may be caused.


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