Sunday, 7 June 2009

Republican revival meeting

May be the Aussie republicans should push for renaming Queen’s Birthday Holiday into Resurrection Day.

Why? Look, what they try to do according to The Brisbane Times, The Age's sister newspaper in Queensland : “Members of the newly formed Coalition of Australian Republicans (CAR) think there's no better time than the Queen's Birthday weekend to resurrect the battle against our ties to the British monarchy.

Resurrected, that means arisen from the dead? And why British Monarchy instead of Australian Monarchy, as we actually have? While being dead, the republicans must have missed that the ties with the British Monarchy were cut on 2nd March 1986, the "Queen signed the Australia Bill, formally severing the last constitutional ties with Britain."

The Brisbane Times has more reveling news about the resurrected republicans: “Previously feuding anti-monarchists … have joined forces. … Others in the CAR group include Women for an Australian Republic, the Copernican Republicans, the Foundation for Constitutional Renewal, Patriots for the Australian Republic, Republic Now! and the Republican Party of Australia.

I wonder what they stand for. “There was a lot of hostility and disunity among republicans last time so it's heart-warming to see we've mended our bridges and are working together for the future good of the country.” They give the impression that the revival meeting of Australian Republican Movement's Michael Keating and Real Republic's David Muir healed their discords. Well, aren’t revival meetings meant to save the sinners?

One thing is sure: The republicans are not short of lollies. The Brisbane Times: “Former Brisbane lord mayor Clem Jones left $2million for the republic campaign when he died in 2007. Mr Muir, a Brisbane solicitor, is chairman of the Clem Jones Foundation administering the funds.”I am sure solicitor Muir collects his fees from administering the funds and has a personal interest in keeping the republic question alive.

But think of of the good deeds that could be done with $2million, however, it all goes into a campaign that is doomed to fail – again.

The republicans will need many more revival meeting to resurrect their cause from the dead. Or is republicanism one of the undead cases that refuse to find eternal peace until a courageous person hammers a wooden stick into its heart?


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

I must say I'm rather tired of the antics of these would-be Jacobins and their allies in the Fourth Estate.

A Queen's Birthday, an Anzac Day, or an Australia Day cannot go by without them trying to white-ant it or spoil it.

The newspapers can't die quick enough for me.

To quote the great Sir Joh: "The greatest thing that could happen to the state and nation is when we get rid of all the media ... then we could live in peace and tranquility and no one would know anything."

MadMonarchist said...

The treason-crowd is obviously trying to shot-gun the issue. They know that if they are successful in hoodwinking the public they will make it impossible for the monarchy to ever be restored. So, they can keep bringing up the issue over and over again and whereas monarchists must succeed in defeating them every time the republicans only have to succeed once and any public choice in the form of government will be gone.