Saturday, 6 June 2009

Call to all Royalists - European Elections

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Dear friends,

Alliance Royale is a political party created in 2001 to reintroduce the question of the monarchy into the political debates. Our sole objective is to use the election campaigns to make our fellow citizens understand that the royal principle is making a relevant and timely response to the difficulties our country has been facing for many years. We were therefore present in different local or national elections during the past few years.

As in 2004, Alliance Royale will present candidates in the forthcoming European elections. Wishing to stay out of conflicts that divide the French Royalist opinion, Alliance Royale has opted for neutrality in dynastic matters since its creation. It develops proposals that are primarily designed to meet the legitimate questions being asked by voters about the decision that a king and his councils could make in the current situation. We understand very well that other royalist movements can legitimately advocate an other political vision. These differences should not be a cause of division between us.

That is why we offer all of them to gather around the urgent and important issue : meeting the citizens of our respective countries to invite them to build their future by reviving the identity of European countries founded on christian monarchies.

We invite you to join our European campaign. This is not to set aside your own sensitivity or to give up your freedom of speech, but to align with us on what we share : the defense and promotion of the royal principle. You can do this in several ways :

- in providing institutional support to our lists, which would result in information to your members and supporters and in a mention that we would add to our campaign documents like "With the support of" followed by your logo,

- in calling your members and supporters to be on our list of candidates (especially women, to meet the requirements of parity), as did Italian and French Royalist movements.
There is no other engagement expected from movements or candidates beyond this temporary cooperation. This does not say that there is no disagreement on any particular issue that could be discussed, as long as we avoid unnecessary controversy that could weaken a loyal support to our common objective for the duration of the campaign.

Hoping that this offer will attract your attention and that you will be willing to respond positively, we remain at your disposal to answer your questions.

Cyrille Henrys
General Delegate of Alliance Royale

At Gallia Watch you the party's ten reasons why it is important to vote for the AR in English.
Poster, photos and lists of all candidates can be downloaded from the Alliance Royale's website.

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Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Mission: impossible! The french cultivate too many prejudices and believe deeply in all kind of Marianne's fantasies.