Monday, 8 June 2009

Queen's Birthday Poll

Channel Ten's question of ther week:

Is it time Australia became a republic?

Yes 20.8%

No 79.2%

I wonder how the republicans will deal with this result.


Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

ehehehehehe, just great!

ignatius masayuki said...

This kind of poll is a double edged knife. On one side it clearly says that Australians are monarchist. But if we examine carefully the other side; we will discover that this result is more than meet the eyes. 21th century is an era of status quo. Now people are only care about their stomach; if a system is able to feed them properly they would not want to see it being replaced, despite the system’s inherent flaws.
So basically the reason why the Monarchy is the victor in this poll is the same as why the republic is favored in france or USA.
Nowadays the numbers of true monarchist are decreasing, but I think the numbers of diehard republican are also decreasing. The majority are just stupid mindless masses, who are already preoccupied with their daily trivial life. (wake up; go to work; fooling around in bar; sleeping; so on).For these people the philosophy behind Monarchy and why does it a necessity for most states in the world are mind bottling and unimportant.