Thursday, 25 June 2009

'A king cannot kill his own people.'
Dictators can

Iranian journalist Amir Taheri reflected the question Is Iran replaying its revolution of 30 years ago? and has some surprising answers:

"In 1979, the Shah was criticized for having violated the 1906 Constitution, notably by preventing political pluralism and imposing a one-party system. Today's movement started as a protest of the alleged rigging of the June 12 presidential election, in violation of the 1979 Constitution.

"The 1979 uprising represented an unusually broad coalition, with at least a dozen leftist groups and almost as many Islamist factions along with nationalist, social-democratic and liberal outfits.

"The same is true today. Dozens of different opposition groups -- ranging all the way from moderate Khomeinist to Monarchist -- have come together to challenge the regime under a single umbrella.

"The ruling establishment back then remained reasonably united until the very end. Even after the
Shah had left the country, no key regime figure switched sides. Today, however, the ruling elite is split down the middle.

"In 1979, a majority of Iranians would probably have voted for the shah, had there been elections. Few, however, were prepared to fight for him in the streets. This time, the regime may well lose a free and fair election but still is capable of fielding large numbers of supporters who are ready to die and kill for it.

Shah had no stomach for bloody repression. His constant, and rather charmingly naive, motto was: 'A king cannot kill his own people.'"
His Imperial Majesty Shah Mohammad Rezā Pahlavi, Shah of Iran,
(in Farsi: محمدرضا شاه پهلوی)
(26 October 1919 in Tehran – 27 July 1980 in Cairo),
Emperor (Shahanshah = King of Kings) of Iran from 16 September 1941.

"In contrast, Khamenei has built his career as a tough street fighter. In his Friday sermon in Tehran declaring war on the opposition, he made it clear that he wouldn't shy away from a bloodbath in order to prevent regime change.

"The perception that the
Shah was weak and unwilling to hit back played a crucial role in disheartening his supporters and encouraging his opponents. That perception was one reason so many of his closest aides simply fled the country at the first opportunity."


MadMonarchist said...

It is a very old story when it comes to monarchs vs tyrants. King Charles I was often criticized for being too lenient and not following up his victories but he always thought that they just needed a smack on the hand to come to their senses. And that was during a war. Even as far afield as Vietnam the last Emperor of that country refused help from the Japanese against the communists because he would not kill his own people. Monarchs view themselves as father or mother of their people whereas tyrants view 'the people' as tools to manipulate for their own advantage.

Mahakali said...

The Shah was a modernizer that was pissing off the mullahs. Khomeini's voice always came out when HIM made major changes in society, specialy during the White Revoltion. When he emancipated women, Khomeini spoke, argumenting that was against the Sharia Law. When HIM took lands from mullahs that did not invest on the lands, he took the deeds from them and distribuited to the peasents, so they would be land owners and have there own business and help the economy and themselvs. Once again Khomeini spoke, targeting HIM to be stealing from the religious men. And much much more.
At the end of the day, HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr suffered a treason from his allies, USA and British, because he was raising the price of oil and refused to lower it. HIM said on television in 1978 that in the following year he would not sign the anglo-iranian oil company and make oil national. Guess what happened before he did it...the "Revoltion". And the person who came to power was so much televised by the BBC and portraited as Ghandi. When bringing Khomeini to power, the oil price came down from 22$/barel to 6$/barel. Now tell me who had profits with the "1979 revoltion".

He was betrayed, but history will show the truth sooner or later.

Viva IRAN!