Thursday, 18 June 2009

Strange behaviour

Roy Hattersley in The Guardian on 16th June 2009: “As a privy councillor I am entitled to give advice to the Queen. If she wants the monarchy to continue on its untroubled way, she should tell her son to respect the restraints of his position. … She might also point out that his reverence for all things ancient does not seem to include respect for the constitution and that republicans like me rejoice at the damage he does to the idea of monarchy."

The Guardian: “Roy Hattersley is a Guardian columnist. He served in Jim Callaghan's cabinet and later became deputy leader of the Labour party.” But he became a privy councillor in 1975 and was created a life peer in 1993 as Baron Hattersley of Sparkbrook. Is this a case of one Labour peer looking after the interests of another (Lord Richard Rogers)?

Why did Roy Hattersley accept to be appointed a privy councillor if “republicans like me rejoice at the damage … to the idea of monarchy"? Wasn’t it against his republican conscience to take the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty and Her heirs and successors?

I have reached the point where I don’t believe any oath any republican swears to anything. Just take a look at our republican lot. I could swear they are betraying us.

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Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Bah, Harold, if you could imagine what they have done here in Portugal...!