Monday, 29 June 2009

The solution for Afghanistan is not another term for Karzai

Western media reported today that “Hamid Karzai appears likely to win [so-called presidential elections on 20th August 2009], while at the same time being deeply unpopular”.

Mr Karzai's unpopularity and the likelihood of his victory have cast a pall of resignation over the campaign, with many Afghans preparing for another five years of a leader they feel they already know too well.

Only 31 per cent of Afghans said they would vote for Mr Karzai again, down from the 54 per cent of votes he received in the 2004 election. Only 7 per cent favoured Mr Abdullah and just 2 per cent Mr Ghani, and they are considered to be Mr Karzai's most serious rivals.
How odd, everybody knows that Hamid Karzai’s rule has been a disaster, opposition candidates are even more unpopular than the the US-installed Karzai, but opinion polls did not ask for the obvious alternative: Give the Afghan people back the Monarchy! Only the Afghan Monarchy has a chance to unite the country and keep the Taliban at bay.

Another five years of Karzai’s presidency will bring many more deaths among the Western armed forces and among the Afghan people.

It is sad to see that Western politicians have no vision to see the obvious soution.

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