Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Same old same old

It is really not worth mentioning, but The Age used today's arrival day of the Queen and Prince Philip to publish fiercely republican articles.

Of course they dug up the inevitable Barry Everingham "a veteran commentator on royalty" - as you would expect. He recycled his articles from previous royal occasions. No need to read that opinion piece. There's nothing new in it.

Another article was written by Glenn Patmore, "a senior lecturer in law at the Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne", who laments recent opinion polls showing that the Australians are overwhelmingly in favour of the Monarchy (55 : 34).
"Has Australia become a royalist nation? Politicians are apparently enamoured by the aura of monarchy. They are keen to be photographed with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and the younger royals. To much fanfare, Her Majesty will be opening Melbourne's brand new children's hospital and officiating at other national events this week during what will most likely be her last visit to Australia. The tenor of the Republican debate has slowly changed too."
Poor old republicans, they will never understand "the magic of Monarchy".

It is worrying, that "a senior lecturer in law" refers to the rightly forgotten "2020 Summit":
"And the 999 members of the Labor government's 2020 summit in 2007, declared the republic as a key issue for constitutional reform."
As mentioned before, their 99.9 per cent majority on the April summit was achieved, because the so-called delegates were not delegated by anyone, but handpicked by the organisers. A democratic convention would be something completely different and would not have seen anything else but a 99.9% soviet style result for "a" republic, of which Glenn Patmore seems to be so proud of.

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