Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Monarch has landed

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, have touched down at Fairbairn air force base in Australia's capital city Canberra shortly after 6 pm for the start of a busy 11-day.

As they disembarked into the warm early evening sunshine, a 21-gun salute was sounded and the military band of Australia's Federation Guard military played Australia's Royal Anthem, God Save the Queen.

School children welcomed their Queen with numerous flower bouquets.

The media has been commenting that, at formal occasions, the British National Anthem has been played. This is manifestly incorrect. ‘God Save the Queen’ is officially the Australian Royal Anthem. Many also refer to Her Majesty as the ‘British’ Queen. She is, by the Royal Style and Titles Act 1974 of the Australian parliament, the Queen of Australia and should be referred to as such.

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The Moderate Jacobite said...

Excellent to see the Royal Standard of Australia flying from the aeroplane as she descends.

The Queen of Australia is home.