Thursday, 27 October 2011

New nastiness from The Age

When it comes to nasty reports on the royal visit to Melbourne, The Age is certainly the source to check.

Of course today's editorial recalls the newspaper's republicanism that has to teach everybody its lesson. And this time it is the politicians to whom The Age addresses the demand to do something against the opinion polls' pointing to a growing number of Monarchists:
It may mean that republicans will have difficulty arousing enthusiasm for the change until her [Queen Elizabeth's] reign is over, but even that is not certain. The chief reason why support for a republic has dropped below 50 per cent in several recent polls is that Australia's political leaders are reluctant to make the case for one.

The Age certainly does not lack enthusiasm for republicanism, but they have not understood that the Australians have an understandable and deep rooted mistrust of politicians.

After this highly successful royal tour one can be certain that the Australian Monarchy will outlive the printed version of The Age.

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David Votoupal said...

The Age, SMH, ABC... all serve as the voice of those that attempt to enforce Political Correctness and "progressive" causes which of course means attacking the monarchy and anything British. Thank God, enough people can see through that garbage.