Thursday, 21 January 2010

Prince William, the charmer of Oz

On 21st January, his third day in Australia, HRH Prince William came down from Sydney to visit the Whittlesea bushfire recovery centre, in Melbourne’s north, where he quizzed Premier John Brumby on the Black Saturday (6th February 2009) blazes.

The Prince shook hands with the waiting crowd in Whittlesea, mixing with locals before the briefing. Whittlesea is about 45 kilometres north of central Melbourne and is near the bushfire-devastated town of Kinglake, where 42 people died on Black Saturday. The towns of Strathewen, Flowerdale, Arthurs Creek and St Andrews which were hit by the fires are also nearby.

Hundreds of people gathered to welcome the second in line to the Australian throne to Whittlesea.

Later in the afternoon came to Melbourne, where he gave a speech at an Australia Day reception at Government House.

But before he went inside and changed into formal dress, he got out of his car and received a cheering welcome from, well, how many were we? Certainly more than a thousand people.

The Radical Royalist came very close to the future King of Australia and took some photos.
His Royal Highness was an immensely impressive person who spent more time with his loyal Australian subjects than protocol had foreseen.

He was certainly the most stunning visitor Melbourne has had in recent years.

And it must be said again: This was an unofficial visit. Neither the Australian nor the Victorian government invited Prince William. When you look at his success during the past three days, you know why: They envy his attraction. Jealousy is a strong force. It was so obvious in Prince William's case: Politicians trundled behind and they were not in the centre of the media's attention.

That must hurt their ego.

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Matterhorn said...

Congratulations to Australia on this royal visit!