Thursday, 21 January 2010

Patronizing republican

To the RadicalRoyalist's surprise, The Age has so far published very few letters to the editor concerning Prince William's unofficial visit to Australia. Here's the only one, I could find. Please note, that someone from NSW got his letter published in the Melbourne newspaper.

Why welcome him?
THE traditional Aboriginal welcome given to Prince William at Redfern (The Age, 20/1) is an embarrassment. Aborigines rightly point to their poor treatment from "the white establishment", yet tip their forelock to royalty and hand over compliments, thus tacitly and complicitly conspiring to continue their downtrodden status. Meanwhile, William is seen as a hero.

Ask yourself this: after 221 years of apartheid, what has the royal family done for Aborigines, apart from continuing the status quo? Pemulwuy, Aboriginal warrior and activist, would be rolling in his grave.
Andrew Woodhouse, Potts Point, NSW

Probably Andrew Woodhouse considers himself very progressive to advocate his republicanism. Did it cross his mind, how patronizing it is to tell the Aboriginal people whom they should welcome and in which manner?

These republicans never get it.

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