Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Prince and Uncle Scrooge

Murdoch’s empire is so blatant in its efforts to secure the biggest profit.

On the one hand, Murdoch's Melbourne based free tabloid mx proudly said on the cover: WARNING This newspaper contains no stories on Prince William.
But on the other hand, Murdoch’s other Melbourne newspaper, HeraldSun, is full of stories and photos of the Prince’s whirlwind tour through the Victorian countryside and the city.

Why put photos and reports in a throw-away newspaper, when the public is so interested in Prince William's visit? Murdoch knows how to make money and the HeraldSun is to use Prince William’s popularity and impressive presence in the country.

Murdoch wants you to buy the Royal Tour Souvenir edition ($1.10) of the HeraldSun. Murdoch may hate our Royal Family, but he still acknowledges that there is money to make buy publishing stories on them.

Michael Wolff said in his biography on THE MAN WHO OWNS THE NEWS: “A decade earlier, the vehemently anti-monarchist [Murdoch] drank himself silly on hearing of Princess Diana's death, fearful of what it would do to his Diana-dependent UK newspaper sales.”

However, on the HeraldSun’s website the photos of Prince William in Victoria can be accessed free of charge. The RadicalRoyalist highly recommends to have a look for yourself how the Victorians enthusiastically welcomed their future King.

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