Monday, 25 May 2009

Observant Canadians: "Monarchists write poetry. Republicans write instruction manuals"

Jack Knox, Victoria Times Colonist, 24th May 2009:

"Republicans argue that Canada is no longer a British colony (as if we didn't know this) and that the monarchy is illogical. Well, of course, Canada's monarchy is illogical. All monarchies are. But it's also illogical that Americans should elect a man who, even after eight years with his hand hovering over the button, still thought it was pronounced "nucular." It's illogical that 16 years after he left office, we are still trying to figure out whether Brian Mulroney deserves an apology or a shot at getting shanked by Conrad Black in the shower room. Logic is overrated.

"Wretched, soulless republicans are grim-faced slaves to the logic chips that replaced their hearts. (Monarchists write poetry. Republicans write instruction manuals.) Republicans fail to understand that the value of the monarchy is not in the individuals, but in the ideals they represent (honour, loyalty, courage, inbreeding, corgi maintenance). Like they say in the army, you salute the uniform, not the person inside it."


Rebecca said...

I'm from Canada and this is such a true commentary.

Thanks for putting it up.

MadMonarchist said...

Those opposed to the monarchy in Canada and Australia might also stop and ponder the freedoms they have which would be denied them under most republics. Quebec, for example, might consider that in the United States secession is illegal and they would not even be allowed to consider the subject. The Union is rather like the IRA -once you're in you're never out. Republicans might also consider that while under the present monarchy they are allowed to decide whether or not they would like to become a republic, in existing republics like the USA or France or Germany it is illegal to change the republican system. The very system they champion in almost every case would not allow them the rights of opposition they currently enjoy under the constitutional monarch -and make ample, annoying use of.

radical royalist said...

MadMonarchist is absolutely right: Monarchies do not restrict discussions, some even explicitly allow the change to a republican regime (Liechtenstein, Bhutan), but many republics outlaw it to even discuss a change to a Monarchy.
I reflected on this issue on 7th May 2008 "Monarchists are the better Democrats".

masayuki said...

In the contrary, the logic of a monarchist is the logic of an adult human while the logic of republicans is usually the logic of a child.
This is already known for ages; for example when Rousseau used the term the people so frequent and proudly, Hegel simply dismissed him as a romantic because in reality Rousseau’s people is nothing more than the majority; so the will of the people is euphemism for the will of the majority (the main root cause for the concept tyranny the by majority).
In the book “democracy – the God who have failed” it is clearly said by the author (he is not a monarchist) that it is more logical for a state to be in a sustainable condition under a monarchial regime, because a Monarch is like an owner of a house while a president is mere a tenant. The maintenance of the house is the affair of the owner not the tenant.
To bridge this reality the republican said that although this is true but in reality human being are basically good and have the ability to choose the right way / action. Again through this argument you all can see how childish republicans really are. The simple fact is; human is a predator, a carnivore, which will devour everything if that suit him well. Control is an integral part of human way of life. In monarchy it is God himself who serves as the ultimate controller (remember the concept of dynastic cycle in China and the concept of responsible-just shepherd in Christian world). The main purpose of this type of control is as a preventive method (try to prevent the damage before it happened).
Bad government under republic can be recalled by parliament (the people) but by then the damage have happened, so this type of control is defensive method (the antithesis of preventive method).
Here the final twist: we are all aware with the propaganda “by the people for the people from the people” But in reality the most sacred among these three (of course is for the people) is the one that always left behind by “democratic leaders”
Ps: concerning poetry monarchist’s poerty are usually deep (read the haiku created HIM Emperor Showa on the brink of WW II) and hard to understand while republicans are trivial and simple.