Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Does The Age follow this blog?

In today's edition of The Age I found this little news item.

Browned off
THEY are a vanishing breed, the Aussie knights of the realm, but the survivors still appear keen to have their royal gonghoods limelit. "Do you have any objection to using my title?" asked Sir David Smith of feisty Greens senator Bob Brown on ABC radio the other day. Brown had called him "Mr Smith" and the miffed 76-year-old knight, famed for reading the Whitlam dismissal proclamation on the parliamentary steps in 1975, called time-out. "A little courtesy wouldn't go too far," he told Brown, before apologising for interrupting a question. "You did, Mr Smith," said Brown. He's a tease, is Bob.

Isn't it a strange coincidence that this conversation was published one day after it had appeared on this blog?

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