Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stupid, stupid, stupid - Penny Wong and the Royal Anthem

When the Australian beacon for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was lit, Her Majesty’s Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard stood side by side with the Leader of Her Majesty’s Australian Opposition Tony Abbott. While the latter sang God Save the Queen, the PM’s lips were sealed. That caused some kerfuffle in Australia. Asked by journalists, why he thought the PM did not join in singing, Tony Abbott joked that the Labor Prime Minister might not know the lyrics. “May be she sang the Internationale during her youth ...

Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong defended her Labor leader by making clear, that she (Ms Wong) knew the lyrics of the Australian National Anthem Advance Australia fair, but not those of a foreign anthem.

It is deplorable that a woman in her position does not know that God Save the Queen is not only the British National Anthem, but also Australia’s Royal Anthem.

The website of the Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade explains:
[In] April 1984 that the Governor-General issued a proclamation that ‘God Save the Queen’ was designated the Royal Anthem, to be played at public engagements in Australia attended by the members of the Royal family. ‘Advance Australia Fair’ was finally declared to be the Australian national anthem.

Usually ‘God Save the Queen’ is played at the start of Royal functions and ‘Advance Australia Fair’ at the end, unless it is more appropriate to play both anthems at the start. ‘Advance Australia Fair’ is played at all other official functions.
Could the Australian Foreign Minister please enlighten the Australian Finance Minister about the role of the Australian anthems?

In case you would like to tell her, send her an emai:

It is very common to have  case to have a national and a royal, even presidential anthem. Here's a list of these countries.

The best-known example is Norway.

The Norwegian Nation Anthem

Royal Anthem of Norway - Gud Sign Vår Konge God

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