Friday, 1 June 2012

The Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Australian Opposition: "We are indeed lucky as Australians to have had her as our Queen."

On the eve of the Diamond Jubilee Tony Abbott, Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Australian Opposition praised the Queen of Australia in Parliament:
I am grateful to be given these few moments to note that before the parliament next meets Her Majesty the Queen will have celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. I think it is worth recalling today the words of Prime Minister Ben Chifley when noting in this parliament many, many years ago the marriage between Princess Elizabeth and Phillip Mountbatten. Prime Minister Chifley said:
The members of this Parliament would wish to be associated directly with the general rejoicing throughout the Empire on the occasion …
He went on to say:

… all Australians regard with deep affection this charming girl, whose natural dignity, intelligence and nobility of mind so well equip her to become the ruler of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

That charming girl has become a gracious and dutiful monarch who has served this country and many others for 60 eventful years. We are indeed lucky as Australians to have had her as our Queen, and the whole world is lucky to have had such an exemplar of duty and service.
May I conclude with the words of the royal hymn, which I hope will be widely sung in this jubilee year: May God save our Queen, and may she long reign over us.

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