Friday, 31 December 2010

Republicans pin their hopes on the law of succession
When The Age yesterday published Margaret Fitzherbert’s serious and non-polemic thoughts on an overhaul of the succession laws to the British throne, nasty comments could be expected. And indeed, among of the 21 comments online there were the usual stupid remarks(“I'm not sure why we're even wasting time thinking about the succession to the British throne, when we're set to become a republic..."). However, the printed edition today contained only one letter to the editor. It came from the usual suspect: Barry Everingham, Malvern. “This is offensive in egalitarian Australia.” And so on and so on ...

That’s the same man, who on 3rd December 2007 published a Republican call to arms, which, much to his chagrin, was equally ignored as were his other attacks on the Australian Monarchy, for which he usually chooses Murdoch’s tabloid papers.

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