Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas - The Age style
Yesterday The Age had to report that 52 per cent of the Australians want their Monarchy to continue and today the same paper contained a Critic’s view on The Queen’s Christmas Message, which could not be nastier. Fortunately it’s not available online. Tim Elliott, who has the gift to know in advance what Her Majesty (permanently constantly referred to by the skilled reviewer as Her Royal Highness) will say, gives readers of The Age this advice:
If you wish to see her saying it all again, then tune in. Alternatively, you could get much the same effect by reading a fortune cookie with an English accent.”
Sydneysider Tim Elliott successfully defended his reputation as a fierce republican journalist. Two years ago, when reviewing the documentary A Year With The Royal Family, he made this comment:
"The Queen, meanwhile, comes across as a cranky old sausage, bored with the ceaseless sycophancy and pointless appointments."
One could think, that the term “cranky old sausage” would also be appropriate for some republicans, especially in the journalistic field, but politeness bars us from calling a defeated adversary that.

The Queen's Christmas Message

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