Saturday, 25 September 2010

A majority of the Belgians want a unitary Kingdom

While the parties in Belgium are still trying to form a government after the 13th June elections, the daily La Libre Belgique published an interesting opinion poll.A demonstration in favour of a united Belgium, 16th May 2010.

According to the newspaper only 12 percent want a split of the Kingdom of Belgium. Even the Flemish aren’t really keen on a separate state. Just 22 percent desire the final end of Belgium and the birth of an independent Flanders. On the other hand 40 percent of all Belgians would like to see the unitary state back, which existed until the early 1970s. Obviously, they have enough of the internal border that is dividing the country along the languages. 32 percent favour handing over more power to the existing regions.

La Libre Belgique's comment is a big question mark : «A return to the unitary state is impossible. Why such an opinion poll ? Or is it because a re-unified structure carries, in the eyes of the people, a promise that the handling of the public affairs would be less chaotic? We noticed that the return to ‘papa’s Belgium’ was more desired by the young one than by the elderly. For those who did not live in that period, is it more desirable than the present time?»

It would not be a Belgian opinion poll, would it not show a difference in the answers given in the regions. In Flanders only 22 percent want to see the unitary state again, while in Brussels and the Wallonie 50 respectively 51 percent are in favour of the old idea.

Just eight percent favour the status quo – and that figure is the same throughout the regions.

Vive le Roi! Leve de Koning! Es lebe der König!

Discours de S.M. le Roi - Fête Nationale 21/07/2010


Matterhorn said...

Agitators and destroyers of regimes do tend to be a minority. That does not, however, necessarily stop them from getting their way, as they tend to be better organized and more aggressive than the majority.

MadMonarchist said...

Ugh- seeing the EU flag given pride of place (and a perfectly magnificently piece of music tainted by association) over the Belgian flag and anthem on the national holiday almost ruins the whole thing for me. What would Degasperi, Schumann and Adenauer think of this?