Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Good journalism?

To illustrate Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United Kingdom on 17th September The Age had chosen three photos, the biggest showing the Pope holding his white pileolus (The Age called it “skull cap”) while The Queen braved the strong wind with a stiff British upper lip. The Age propably chose this picture because Her Majesty could be thought of having a grumpy look.

There are alternative attitudes to reporting on this visit. The Age might be more oriented to the English media. Continental European newspapers published much friendlier of The Queen, when she received her Vatican guest.

At Paper Media you’ll find 37 front pages of mainly German newspapers, all published on 17th September. Fifteen of them had a photo of the Pope with The Queen (except The Guardian, which had the popemobile instead). Out of these 15, six had chosen the same picture as The Age, but nine had opted for a much more sympathetic scene. Have a look for yourself.

It is well known that The Age follows a strict republican agenda, but don’t you feel, that sometimes they overdo their republican preaching?

This style of picture editing is hardly good journalism.

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