Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Brisbane

The Duchess of Cambridge set foot on Australian soil for the first time today, to the delight of around 200 locals and travellers who waited in viewing areas at Brisbane Airport to see her.

Her Royal Highness walked down the steps of the plane at 11.45am local time, where she and Prince William the Duke of Cambridge were met by consular officials who had placed a small square of red carpet on the tarmac. The Duchess spent less than three hours on Australian soil during her first visit to the country, but it was still time enough for her to win over its people.

Wearing a powder pink floral dress designed by Dannii Minogue, the Australian singer, the Duchess caused excitement at Brisbane airport as she walked through a public departure lounge waving and smiling. Around 200 local people and travellers gathered on viewing platforms, alongside five television crews and a dozen newspaper photographers.

The future King of Australia and his wife came from their last official duty stop in Tuvalu at  the end of a nine-day tour marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which also took them to Singapore, Malaysia and the Solomon Islands.

In Tuvalu they were treated to a traditional Tuvalu feast of pigs, lobster, coconut crabs and local fresh fruit. They also wore the traditional "titi saga" or skirt as they danced with locals in the remote tropical nation, one of the world's smallest countries which is situated near the equator.

In 2008 Tuvalu had shown loyalty to the Crown by refusing a proposal to introduce a republic. In a referendum 64.98% of the voters cast their ballot paper in favour of retaining Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Tuvalu, as their Monarch.

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