Friday, 19 August 2011

Final preparations for Germany's royal wedding of the year

Very soon Germany will host a royal wedding that might be modest in comparison to the wedding of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge on 29th April, but when HIH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and HSH Princess Sophie of Isenburg marry in Potsdam on 27th August, several hundred journalists will cover the ceremony and an interested German public will follow the events in Brandenburg very closely.

To satisfy the great interest, the public broadcasting system of Berlin and Brandenburg – RBB – Radio Berlin-Brandenburg – will broadcast live from 11 am to 2 pm. RBB will also show a 40-minutes summary at 8.15 pm on the same day. Viewers all over Germany – and in effect in great parts of Europe - can follow the event via television (either cable or satellite). However, RBB will not be offering live streaming.

For everybody outside Germany who would like to watch the „German wedding of the Year“ (Die Welt) on the internet, there is a chance from 9 pm onwards on 27th August. RBB will offer the evening summary for viewing here for a couple of days.

In July Prince Georg Georg Friedrich and his fiancée, Princess Sophie, attended the wedding in Monaco together.

Prince Georg Friedrich’s father, HRH Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, married in 1975.

The grandfather of Prince Georg Friedrich, HIH Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, married Grand Duchess Kira of Russia in 1938.

There have not been a lot of great weddings of the German Imperial Family. This underlines the importance on this year's wedding of the head of the Hohenzollern family, it's a once in a generation event. The last great Imperial wedding of the German Empire was in 1913 when Princess Viktoria Luise which was filmed using an early colour system, married Duke Ernst August of Hanover. Together they ascended to the throne of the Duchy of Brunswick.

Thanks to the internet, the RadicalRoyalist should have downloaded RBB's wedding programme by Sunday, 28th August. Anyone in Australia interested in receiving a wedding DVD?

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