Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Age’s policy: Never admit
the magic of the Monarchy

When it comes to the Australian Monarchy and/or members of the Australian Royal Family, The Age can be trusted for its republicanism.

In the edition of 21st March Tony Wright, who accompanied HRH Prince William to Northern Victoria, wrote of “the presence of Australia’s future monarch” in Kerang cheers Prince William and admitted:
The republic seems a long way from Kerang today.
One day later The Age could not help but row back from this Monarchist confession. In an editorial the newspaper claimed:
For when Prince William returns to Britain, this pleasant moment of distraction will fade for the flood-affected communities in Victoria and Queensland, and the need to ensure that their fellow citizens do not forget their plight will not be diminished. Australia's republican debate will not be changed, either. It will still be just as inappropriate for this independent nation to have a head of state who resides in another country, and for the people of this country to have no part in choosing the head of state.
Prince William, of course, will continue to be welcome here - however the constitutional arrangements may change.

Really? Did the people of this country have no part in choosing the head of state? Wasn’t the result of the 1999 referendum clear? The Australians voted in favour of the Monarchy and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. Her margin was larger than that of President Obama or Nicolas Sarkozy of France.

But such thoughts never cross the minds of The Age’s journalists.

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