Monday, 1 February 2010

The Portuguese have to celebrate the republic - if they can afford or want it or not

The European TV channel euronews reported from Lisbon: "Portugal has begun huge celebrations marking 100 years since the collapse of the country’s monarchy".

The beginning of the ominous festivities collides with the 102nd anniversary of the Assassination of the Portuguese King and Crown Prince.

On 1st February 1908 King Carlos I. and Crown Prince Luis Filipe were murdered in Lisbon.

The impoverished EU member is forced to waste more money on state exhibitions; theatre plays and concerts that are among the myriad of cultural events the country will be hosted to commemorate the republic’s implementation, euronews said.

According to euronews Portugal’s President Anibal Cavaco Silva said he hoped the events would act as a catalyst for change and inspire people with the values held dear by the revolutionists 100 years ago.

What "values"? The assassination of the King and Crown Prince was followed by the loss of the Monarchy and decades of civil unrest, anarchy and dictatorship.



ZAROVE said...

The reason the Values o he Revolutionaries are suppose to inspire is because yoru suppose to abandon real Histry and acept the sanitised version, in whuch Republicans rse up tp pverthrow a tyrant King and brougth about Democracy ad peace... its te myth of our age, no matter what the facts say.

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

RR, do not believe in any word from Euronews. The "ceremonies" were a HUGE FIASCO with scarce dozens of people in an totally empty Square from Oporto. They were more troops than people and the authorities were "greeted" with people shouting extremely loud : "GATUNOS PARA A PRISAO!" ("thieves to the jail!"), president Cavaco, prime minister and president of the Parliament included. An tremendous shame.
Taky and extremely expensive and for nothing. The town hall served a banquet for the same people who rule the Sate: corrupted polititians, bankers, media crooks (our Murdoch's), etc.

DO NOT BELIVE THEM. The "thing" was an DISASTER!

Some links to confirm:

Theodore Harvey said...

Disgusting. I hope the celebrations continue to fall flat and that monarchists do everything they can to undermine them and show that the Republic does not command the hearts of the people. Nuno Castelo-Branco's comment is encouraging.

Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

Fir example, today the blog 31 da Armada, one of the most influent in Portugal just wrote:

"Em ano de centenário, a república portuguesa está a dar tal imagem de si própria que poupa aos seus opositores uma data de trabalho."

In my bad translation (forgive me, please):

In the centenary year, the portuguese republic is providing such an image of herself, that spares a lot of work to her opponents.

radical royalist said...

Thank you, Nuno, for your information. Portugal can't afford a republic, Portugal needs a King. Urgently!