Thursday, 31 January 2008

Centenário do Regicídio - Centenary of the Assassination of the Portuguese King and Crown Prince

On February 1st, 1908 King Carlos I. and Crown Prince Luis Filipe were assassinated in Lisbon.

Two Portuguese republicans Manuel Buiça and Alfredo Costa killed King Carlos I (45) and Crown Prince Luís Filipe (22). Queen Amélia and the second son, Dom Manuel, Duke of Beja (18), survived the assassination with slight injuries. Manuel was proclaimed King Manuel II. Two years later – in 1910 – revolutionaries forced him to flee to Gibraltar. Aged 43 he died in Twickenham on 2nd July 1932.

The republican system pushed Portugal into anarchy, violence, bankruptcy and finally into the Salazar dictatorship which lasted until 1974.

Portuguese Monarchists of the Aliança Internacional Monárquica Portuguesa created an impressive website for the 100th anniversary of this tragedy: . Listen to the Royal Anthem, a gun salute and photos of the coffins of the King and Crown Prince.

The Cardinal Patriarch of Portugal will hold a requiem to commemorate the assassinated King and Crown Prince on 1st February 2008 in the Basilica Sao Vicente de Fora in Lisbon:

To watch today's Royal Family of Portugal click:

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