Thursday, 30 April 2009

Hear, hear!

The Age succeeded in surprising me today:

"But a republic is not inevitable. It won't happen unless it is kept on the national political agenda, and the major parties — both of which are now led by avowed republicans — should support Senator Brown's bill."

The Age will do everything to keep republicanism alive and soon return to its usual mantra of some inevitability to replace our Australian Monarchy with "a" republic.

Interestingly The Age commented in its editorial yesterday's Finance and Public Administration Committee's hearing of the inquiry into a plebiscite for "an" Australian republic Bill, but it reported nothing of the hearing.

It could have done so like the ABC that picked up odd bits and pieces of various statements, but a good newspaper would have given a full report of the pros and cons that were brought forward.

We Age readers really missed out highlights like this: Sarah Brasch, who represented Women for an Australian republic triumphantly announced that finally 43 percent of Australian women supported "a" republic. 43 percent!! Hardly the overwhelming majority, that is usually claimed by The Age and likeminded republican politicians.

Why did The Age fail - again - to do its job?

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Nuno Castelo-Branco said...

"They" will try another way, for example, proclaiming "The Thing" in the Parliament. "They" are learning fast with the european mafia established in Brussels.
I met recently an ex-member of the serbian government who guaranteed that Serbia would be now a monarchy - since the Montenegro's secession - , IF the EU/USA did not heavily "chantage" them. Incredible? Maybe not.