Thursday, 5 March 2009

A double NO to Peter Costello

At the top of the list of things I most dislike are undoubtedly republican systems of government – either here in Australia or elsewhere in the world; with the acceptable exception of Switzerland, may be, followed at a whisker's distance by my number two anathema: nuclear power stations.

You may guess what I think of a politician who advocates a republic and nuclear power plants in Australia. The double thumbs down go to Peter Costello who used The Age of 4th March to publish his ideas of a sustainable future in Going green must involve going nuclear.

Except for the undeniable fact that Barack Obama was elected US president, nothing in this article is correct. His ideas are discussed here.

May be Peter Costello is on the paylist of French Speedy Gonzales Sarkozy who travels around the world to sell French nuclear power plants. Libyan dictator Qaddafi bought some two years ago, Italian media mogul and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi took one last year, Hungary might be bankrupt, but for 5 billion Euros the government will get nuclear technology from France. No country is safe from a visit from Super-Sarko who likes to play the atomic salesman.

So be very wary if Peter Costello invites M. Sarkozy to Australia!

Peter Costello, the worst prime minister Australia never had, has passed the use by date for politicians, but so have his topics: a republic and nuclear power.

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