Saturday, 14 February 2009

"It is Prince Charles's duty to go to Australia"

"The country has been hit by disaster. This is the moment for a visit that could stop the slide towards republicanism" writes Matthew Parris in The Times.

"Fast-track the protocol and security; ignore advice that you would get in the way; brush off the Sir Humphreys who recommend you wait until the immediate emergency is over. If the diary's already full, clear it.

"Never mind the Governor-General: only a stand-in anyway. If you're overwhelmed by official obstruction, threaten a private visit. Buy your own ticket if you must. But go. Just go. Today. Tomorrow. Monday. If your insistence raises eyebrows, causes a rumpus, even a stink, so much the better. That's the point."

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Derrick said...

Hello RR,

Thanks for dropping in to my blog!

Mr Parris always does enjoy speaking out! I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated if Prince Charles were able to visit you. Given that royal schedules are booked well in advance, however, it may not be possible - or else, some other event(s), destination(s)would have to be cancelled, thereby upsetting someone else!

Let us see what happens.