Thursday, 29 January 2009

All inclusive - Part I

A lie is a lie is a lie ...

Today's Age had more on the Australia Day celebrations and the republicans' discontent with the commemoration, thereby repeating the mantra of a so-called all inclusive republic:
"Bring on the republic and then we’ll truly have a great and unifying reason to celebrate our nation and all its people", proclaimed Trish S. from Bendigo.

Even better Jens Olaf Kleist, according to The Age a political scientist from Berlin, Germany, who is working on political memory and migration in Australia. This winter he will be a visiting scholar at the Institute of Social Research at Swinburne University: If a more just society for all Australians could be achieved, something that is possible in the framework of an inclusive republic, then this could be remembered in a truly inclusive commemoration that might also cast new light on Australia's origins."

The all inclusive republic can only work if they exclude the Monarchists. Obviously they don't count in the republicans' eyes. Only a good republican is a good citizen, so they might think.

They should be honest enough to say that they cannot include the Monarchists in their utopian republic. Also, I never heard that class struggles have come to an end in republican systems. An "all inclusive republic" does not exist and will never come into being.

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