Saturday, 15 November 2008

A popular King
An opinion poll shows The Prince of Wales would now make a more popular King than Prince William.

Prince Charles's 60th birthday presents
Choosing a 60th birthday present for a man who has everything is always difficult but in the case of the Prince of Wales the answer is simple: buy him a shrub. Read more here.

Plants, shrubs, and trees for his garden at Highgrove will be the most gratefully received gift for the Prince who yesterday received a cake in the shape of a bus pass. After his 60th birthday yesterday the Prince is entitled to travel free on off-peak local bus services anywhere in England. His face was embossed on the pass.

The Prince and Duchess of Cornwall spent most of yesterday visiting projects linked to his charity the Prince's Trust which has helped hundreds of thousands of young people into work over the last 30 years.

He attended the launch of the trust's first Youth Week to highlight the good that young people can do in society. He smiled when Naiyer Qureshi, a life coach, broke protocol, stepped forward and planted a kiss on his right cheek during his tour of two trust projects in Beckton, east London.

As part of his campaign, 50 MPs across the UK will be shadowed during their constituency visits by young volunteers whose life has been turned around by the Trust. David Cameron, the Conservative leader, is supporting the project. The Trust has forged an alliance with 14 other national youth organisations, including the NSPCC and Barnardo's, to counter negative stereotypes of young people. Premiership football stars, including Rio Ferdinand, will visit Trust projects.

The Prince posed for pictures in front of dozens of photographers who called out to him. The Prince barely raised a smile and then made a barbed joke at the press, saying: "Sixty years of trying my patience," which made them laugh.

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let me sleep on it said...

I think Charles has done very well with his prince of wales charity and his voice on protecting the rainforests even though UK politicians are saying he is meddling and that Royalty should be seen and not heard.

With him turning 60 and being the oldest heir to the throne in the world i see why not he should become King that depending on if he gives it to his son William or Harry.

Go on Youtube to see We Are Most Amused its Prince Charles B-Day celebration with a comedic theatre show.

With the new Australian PM wanting to turn the country into a Republic i see that if it happens then it will be very expensive to do so on changing the constitution and being that a republic head of state can become a dictator like all other countries who fall to greed and power.

With me im a Royalist too :)